7 Desserts That Could Be the Next Cupcake Craze ...

By Melinda

7 Desserts That Could Be the Next Cupcake Craze ...

Cupcakes. Meh. I think it’s time you take a back seat. I mean, you’re delicious and all, but I’m ready for the next Big Thing (in desserts, that is).

I have a sweet tooth that never shuts off. The second I’ve finished any meal, I’m reaching for the nearest piece of chocolate, cookies, a bowl of kid’s cereal or one of the following delectable treats (cupcakes are not invited):

Table of contents:

  1. whoopee pies
  2. deed fried treats
  3. cupcake truffles
  4. gourmet marshmallows
  5. cake rolls
  6. mini bundt cakes
  7. caramel

1 Whoopee Pies

Single-handedly, I’m already in the process of making the Whoopee Pie happen. I haven’t been able to resist the cake-and-cream sandwich since I was a kid. I crave the pumpkin Whoopee on a regular basis, but the dark chocolate cake with vanilla (sugary) frosting inside was the traditional way to make the dessert. Regardless, different flavor combinations are waiting for me every time I see one of those local bakery stands.

2 Deed Fried Treats

Fried ice cream is only the tip of the end-of-the-meal iceberg. You haven’t lived until you’ve had a deep friend Twinkie. No lie – it’s the marriage of sweet meets savory. But I’ve also had breaded-and-friend goodness on behalf of Oreos and yes, even a Snickers bar. What’s next? I can’t wait to see where the imagination of the Fry Daddy takes some creative cooks.

3 Cupcake Truffles

Leave it to the cupcake to take over yet another one of my favorite sweets – the truffle. Combining the two makes for a unique and tiny treat that is easy to eat and has all the (however unfortunate) makings to eat SO many at one sitting. So cute – and so delicious!

4 Gourmet Marshmallows

I might have an unhealthy relationship with these puffs of fluffy sugar – and it goes far beyond hot chocolate. I remember (fondly) hibernating at home with a bag of those flavored mini marshmallows…. eating every. single. last one. I make S’mores more than just for camping (mostly for the melted gooeyness). But now this gourmet inception? I think might have to marry them.

5 Cake Rolls

My cravings started with Little Debbie’s Swiss Cake Rolls, but have me now scouring the local Asian markets to find unique flavors (like banana -- yum!). Pre-packaged foods, however, make me sad (ugh, with the additives and preservatives), so my wish (on behalf of my sweet tooth) is for local cake bakers to get… well, rolling.

6 Mini Bundt Cakes

Much like the cupcake, the Bundt can be filled, frosted and concocted to mix-and-match or be eaten plain. But seriously, I’m kind of on a frosting overload. The shape of these mini cakes more than anything would look totally cute in a baker’s case, right? And I think much classier for individual party desserts (ahem, and weddings).

7 Caramel

Let it be written that everything will be coming up caramel. Relegated to the mere apple world during Halloween, there is so much more to enjoy with the sugary sweet treat. How about apple-filled or chocolate-dipped caramels? Specialty shops are creating flavor combinations with nuts, spicy spices, coconut and (the surprisingly delicious) natural sea salt. A true caramel has only a few ingredients -- and tastes nothing like the mass-produced versions of which you are likely accustomed. Oh, you will be converted.

There are days I wish I could give up the sugar (lord knows that as my body ages, it gets increasingly more difficult to burn). But after writing this list, I’ve only reinvigorated the craving. Which dessert do you think will take over after the cupcake craze dies?

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