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Vegan Desserts are just as delicious as regular desserts, if not more so. Last year I cut down on dairy because it was making me bloated. Then a friend of mine explained that many farming practices used to produce dairy products and eggs are unethical – a lot doesn't get mentioned in the press! I decide it was too much to switch to a vegan diet but I made some big changes and six months later I feel fantastic. But my taste buds haven't changed; I have a big sweet tooth and I am constantly seeking good vegan desserts and recipes. Some recipes have been a let down – literally – but I've also mastered plenty of successful and scrumptious recipes. Here are the best of the best, my 7 top vegan desserts of all time.

1. Chocolate Cake

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My list of top vegan desserts just has to start with a chocolate cake. What can I say? Everybody needs chocolate cake, even vegans. This recipe is fantastic topped with vegan frosting for a children's birthday party. It's great cut in half and spread with cherry jam in the middle. It's lovely warmed for an evening treat. Basically, it's great anytime, any way. Even if you're not vegan, you'll be glad you found this delicious and easy chocolate cake recipe.

Vegan Dessert Recipe: instructables.com

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