8 Cakes That Will Blow Your Mind ...


8 Cakes That Will Blow Your Mind ...
8 Cakes That Will Blow Your Mind ...

I once read that you should only eat sweet things that you’ve put together yourself. Not only does this give you total control over what goes into your body, but it also means you’ll eat less sugar because not many people are likely to bake every day. This seems like a great philosophy to me. Desserts and cupcakes, pastries and puddings: these delicious delights should be treats and not foods we enjoy with every meal. So girls, if you ever feel like seriously rewarding yourself, I’ve put together a list of all-time classic cakes that cannot fail to impress …

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Red Velvet

This is a real winner, girls: dense, smooth chocolate cake with a velvety texture and crimson colour as its name suggest. It looks beautiful, tastes even better and, trust me girls, makes any occasion truly special. Can you imagine making this for Valentine's Day, maybe as little cupcakes?


Boston Cream Pie

This luxurious stack of Victoria sponge, crème pâtissière and dark chocolate ganache manages to balance sweet and strong flavours to perfection. The gooey custardy filling is deliciously vanilla, while the ganache is sharp, smoky and wonderfully rich.


The Boston Cream Pie is actually a delightful misnomer, considering it's not a pie at all, but a cake that has earned its place in the hearts of dessert lovers. The textures contrast beautifully as well, with the light, fluffy sponge giving way to a silky-smooth cream and topped off with a glossy, indulgent chocolate layer that quite literally melts in your mouth. Its visual appeal is as enticing as its taste, with the chocolate elegantly glazing the cake and sometimes drizzled in artful patterns that make it a feast for the eyes as well.


Nigella’s Butterscotch Layer Cake

Nigella Lawson: what a goddess! This is one of her finest creations. It’s a sweet toffee coloured sponge, filled and iced with literally the most amazing cream-cheese and butterscotch frosting. Finish it off with a liberal dose of home made caramel. Absolute heaven!


Carrot Cake

Soft, moist carrot cake that crumbles on the plate, stuffed with walnuts and spiced with cinnamon: what could be better on a cold winter’s afternoon? Top it off with fresh, sharp lemon and cream cheese icing. The best recipe I've found is from Southern Cooking magazine... so rich!


Baked Vanilla Cheesecake

Cheesecakes seem to have gotten very complex. My favourite is simple and doesn’t skimp on the ingredients. If you’re going to eat cake, you might as well do it properly! So ladies, mascarpone, real vanilla and best quality cream cheese: these things are an absolute must. Finish off with berries simmered in port. Yum!


Old Fashioned Victoria Sponge

This is an English classic and goes fantastically well with afternoon tea. Layers of light vanilla sponge filled with top-quality strawberry jam, fresh berries and lashings of whipped cream: it’s so easy to make, and looks and tastes spectacular.


Simple Almond Sponge

When you’re not in the mood for inches of frosting and mounds of cream this cake is perfect. Made with ground almonds and marzipan, then dusted with icing sugar, it’s straightforward, comforting and absolutely delicious.


German Apple Cake

Ideal for cold weather, this scrumptious, variable cake is spicy and sweet. Made with soft cooked apples, firm sponge and flaked almonds, its delicious any time of the day (or night!).

Ladies, what have I left out? What are your favourites and what should we avoid? Girls, don’t be shy! I’d love to hear about your culinary adventures … especially the delicious sweet cakes and such! Delightful!

Top Photo Credit: Jon Mountjoy

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