9 Unbelievable Uses for Baking Supplies ...


9 Unbelievable Uses for Baking Supplies ...
9 Unbelievable Uses for Baking Supplies ...

Baking Supplies has tons of different uses that you might not think about. Have you ever wished there was a way you could hold a candle up straight in a cupcake? What about a neat trick to decorate a cake with? Well ladies, I've thought up 9 unbelievable uses for baking supplies that you might be asking yourself what you can do with. If you use baking supplies, you might be surprised what you can do in the kitchen with them!

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Marshmallow Candle Holder

Do you have some mini marshmallows that are just sitting in your cabinet? I know that I do – left over from when I made rice krispy treats a few days ago. So what can you use mini marshmallows for? Well, if you are planning a birthday party, these little things make fantastic candle holders so that you never have to worry about the candle falling over and burning anything!


Chopstick Flour Leveler

Whenever I order Chinese food, one of the few things that I always set back is the chopsticks. Chopsticks can actually become great baking supplies if you know how to use them. For example, you could use a chopstick as a flour leveler to ensure that you get the perfect amount in your cup!


Uses of a Paper Doily

I never, ever thought that I would be able to find any uses for paper doilies. After all, they are not typically something that is construed as baking supplies but with the right amount of powdered sugar and the right cake – these little paper things can make an awesome cake decoration! Just press the doily flat into the cake and sprinkle on some powdered sugar and you got a beautiful imprint left behind on your cake! It's a genius and less-calorie choice than frosting!


Coffee Bean Uses

Coffee beans have tons of different uses in the kitchen and for me, they are a staple in the way of baking supplies for my kitchen. One of the biggest things that I use coffee beans for is my pie crust. No – I don't crush them up in the dough, but I do use them to line the bottom of the pan (with foil between the crust and the beans) to keep the crust from puffing or shrinking. It works awesome!


Uses of Aluminum Foil

Speaking of pies, do you know that you can keep your pie crust from burning by just wrapping the foil around the crust? It'll deflect the heat and keep your pie crust crispy and delicious – but not burnt. This makes me want to go make a pie now!


Genius Appetizer Server

If you're having a party – say a Halloween party, as that time of year is coming up, why not serve your appetizers on something that is chic and cool? A small cake stand stacked one on top of the other is a great way to serve any and all of your favorite appetizers. It's also a great way to save on counter/table space!


Baking Soda Uses

Baking soda is one of the few baking supplies items that is constantly in my kitchen. It can be used in so many different ways! You can use it to brush your teeth with (it really works!), use it to polish your silver and you can also use it to take away any odor you have in your kitchen! It's the all-purpose kitchen powder!


Biscuit Cutters

If you are anything like me, homemade biscuits are a staple in your home. What happens if you don't have the perfect biscuit cutter? Guess what I've been using ladies … an empty/cleaned out can! Just cut out both ends, wash it good and you have the ideal biscuit cutter that gets it the right size and shape every single time!


Cake Stand Candle Holders

Now I know that we talked about utilizing the cake stands for your appetizers, but what about using them as a candle holder? I swear, this looks elegant, beautiful and will make a great centerpiece at any party! Mix it up too ladies, grab a few different colored cake stands and a few different colored candles – it'll make all the difference!

As you can see, there are tons of different and unique baking supplies items that could become a staple in your kitchen! I never would've thought to use a marshmallow for a candle holder or use a can for a biscuit cutter. What types of baking supplies items do you use in your kitchen that are a little odd or different? Come on, share! I'd love some more tips and tricks!

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