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8 Extraordinarily Yummy Vegan Cakes ...

By Alison

Vegan Cakes are just as delicious as regular cakes. They're not just for vegans – if you know someone who is allergic to eggs, or if you want to cut down on dairy food, then try baking a vegan cake. Also, many recipes use vegetable oil, so if you've run out of other ingredients, can't get to the shops, and desperately want to bake a cake, then check out recipes for vegan cakes and see what you can find …

1 Black Forest Cherry Cake at

Black Forest Cherry Cake at vegansociety.comIf you're as fond of Black Forest Gateau as I am, here's a tasty vegan alternative. It would be equally delicious filled with other fruits, such as mandarin or apricots (yes, it wouldn't be a Black Forest cake, but cooking is all about experimenting!). This vegan cake would be perfect to serve as dessert at a special meal.

2 Best Chocolate Cake Ever at

Best Chocolate Cake Ever at instructables.comAre you looking for a plainer, yet still delicious vegan chocolate cake? Look at the picture of this cake and you'll be drooling in no time! For an extra treat, pour over some vegan cream. This recipe could also be turned into a wonderful vegan birthday cake.


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3 Vegan Gingerbread at

Vegan Gingerbread at grouprecipes.comIs there anyone alive who doesn´t like gingerbread? Their loss if they don't! I've made vegan versions that are every bit as good as the normal recipes. On an aside … does anyone actually know how gingerbread got its name, when it's nothing like bread? Just wondering …

4 Vegan Carrot Cake at

Vegan Carrot Cake at grouprecipes.comCarrot cake is a firm favourite of mine, and here's a vegan version that I'm tempted to try out one day when I don't have any eggs. What's more, this recipe is sugar-free as well, using the natural sweetness of dates as a healthier substitute. Personally, I don't like raisins, so I'd leave them out. You, of course, may love them and leave them in! Either way, you should end up with a lovely vegan cake.

5 Vegan Red Velvet Cake at

Vegan Red Velvet Cake at thedailygreen.comIf you love a cake with lots of 'buttercream', then this red velvet cake is for you. It uses a lot of ingredients but none should be difficult to find – if buying from the supermarket, check carefully that the margarines do not contain animal ingredients.

6 Almond and Peach Muffins and

Almond and Peach Muffins and are a great favourite of mine, and naturally I particularly love chocolate and blueberry. These peachy muffins would make a delightful change though, and if you really like them you can keep all the ingredients ready in the cupboard for when you next fancy baking them.

7 Christmas Cake at

Christmas Cake at's a vegan to do at Christmas if they love the traditional cake? Why, make this vegan version! It doesn't have to be restricted to Christmas, of course – if you're fond of fruit cake then you can make it at any time of the year. Do note that it shouldn't be made ages in advance as with the traditional version.

8 Lemon Lime Cake with Icing at

Lemon Lime Cake with Icing at instructables.comFinally, here's a delicious lemon-flavoured vegan cake. If you find cakes too dry without icing (or just love that extra sweetness), this could be the cake for you. The recipe can also be used to make cupcakes, which would be great for serving to friends or having with coffee.

I hope these vegan cake recipes tempt you to have a go at dairy- and egg-free baking – you can still make wonderful cakes without animal ingredients. You don't even have to be vegan to make them; a lot of vegan cake recipes use vegetable oil, so if you're itching to get baking but you don´t have any eggs or butter, you can still find a suitable recipe. Have you ever tried making a vegan cake, and how did it turn out?

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