10 Scrumptious and Fabulous Grown-up Cupcakes ...

Fabulous Cupcakes are not hard to find, but Fabulous Cupcakes made for Adults that are Scrumptious, that will take some digging. Bourbon, Whiskey, Wine and Goat Cheese are only a few lip-smacking ingredients that are in these Fabulous Cupcakes for Adults. I took one for the team and invested some serious time and effort finding 10 Scrumptiously Delicious Grown-Up Cupcakes… You’re Welcome!

1. Southern Comfort Cupcakes

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If looking at this Cupcake doesn’t make your mouth salivate, not to worry as I am doing enough of this for all of you. A moist Devil’s Food Cake, with a Southern Comfort infused Buttercream, topped with a Caramel Popcorn then drizzled with Chocolate? Wow… just Wow!

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