5 Healthy Soup Recipes Great for Fall ...

By Diana

5 Healthy Soup Recipes Great for Fall ...

If you live in the states then you might have heard about the crazy Halloween snow storm the Northeast experienced last weekend, Winter is here and it's knocking on the door of Fall! So what's better on a crisp, chilly day than a warm, healthy bowl of soup? We are guest blogging over at EatBreatheBlogand sharing with them our favorite soup recipes that will warm your heart and soul on these cold days and nights...
Healthy Soup Recipes for Fall and Winter...
I'm excited to try the barley-beef soup in the top photo; it looks warm and inviting, not to mention the adorable soup cup it's in! What I love about this recipe is that you can cook it in a dutch oven or in your slow-cooker, and we love using our slow-cooker for everything! Check out the complete details at BHG.
Squash-Quinoa Soup...
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Each of these recipes that you will find on my guest post over at EatBreatheBloghave under 230 calories and are filled with vegetables that are rich in vitamins and beneficial nutrients. They are also filled with fall and winter favorites like this Squash and Zucchini soup; how beautiful is the warm orange color that just brings fall into your home and heart!

Continue to EatBreatheBlogto see the complete list of my favorite healthy soup recipes that will keep you warm this fall and winter.

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That squash-quinoa soup is calling my name right now. Looks totally delicious:) Happy Friday, darling. xo