7 Best No Bake Desserts ...


7 Best No Bake Desserts ...
7 Best No Bake Desserts ...

Some very strong-willed souls may be able to resist dessert, as may those who lack a sweet tooth. I fail to fall into either category! To me, a meal simply isn’t complete without dessert. The only problem is that in summer I don’t feel like hanging around in a hot kitchen, and eating yoghurts or other bought desserts can get boring. So if you want your sweet tooth easily satisfied, here are some recipes for no bake desserts – minimal or no cooking, and no hot oven!

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This must be the easiest no bake dessert ever! The only hardship is waiting four hours while it chills in the freezer. If you can manage to wait that long, you’ll have an easy, delicious dessert.


Be prepared for a bit of mess as you prepare the mango, but once that’s done all that’s required is a little blending and mixing. The ‘guiltless’ bit comes from the use of fromage frais. Why not try it with other fruits, such as strawberry or peaches?


I love blueberries! This recipe calls for the use of an ice cream maker, but if you don’t have one, try putting the mixture in the freezer. You’ll need to give it a good stir a couple of times.


Not wanting to leave vegans out, I came across this unusual recipe. The surprise ingredient is – believe it or not – avocado. This would certainly make for an interesting experiment, as I don’t like avocados. Perhaps I’ll give it a go …


What is Matcha, you may well ask? Well, it’s a green tea powder (the recipe suggests searching it out in ethnic markets. If you like being adventurous in your cooking, this is the recipe for you. A bit different from ordinary truffles!


Rosemary is my favourite herb, but I’d never have thought of using it in sweet recipes (I’d normally use it in bread), so this really intrigued me! If you want to save time, buy frozen yoghurt from the supermarket.


What a great name! I’m sure I must have made a few kabobs in my time … Anyway, this is a fantastically simple recipe, great for barbecues, and with next to no preparation. Serve with vanilla ice cream, or you could use cream or custard instead.

So you see that there’s no need to miss out on yummy desserts this summer when it’s too hot to slave away in the kitchen! Just try these delicious no bake desserts, for yourself or for summer dinner parties – your guests will be fooled into thinking you spent hours baking them! Have you any suggestions for no bake desserts?

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