7 Delicious Desserts under 200 Calories ...


7 Delicious Desserts under 200 Calories ...
7 Delicious Desserts under 200 Calories ...

Delicious Desserts under 200 Calories may seem like a dream you can't quite attain, but they're out there, I promise you. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, saying no to desserts while you are dieting can be a real test of willpower. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can satisfy your craving for something sweet after dinner without jeopardizing your healthy eating regime or piling on the pounds. In fact, there are plenty of absolutely delicious desserts under 200 calories, you simply have to think outside the box. Forget stodgy, unforgiving on your waistline puddings and try a light and delicious treat from this list of 7 delicious desserts under 200 calories.

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Sorbet is most definitely an utterly delicious dessert under 200 calories, and a real summer treat. Scrumptious as a palate cleanser and perfect for hot weather, this cool, refreshing dessert is a great low calorie alternative to ice cream. Sorbet is made almost entirely of water and fruit puree- unsurprising, then, that it is virtually fat free and contains only around 180 calories per serving. Keep a few tubs in the freezer to ward off nighttime sugar cravings.


Rice Pudding

This old fashioned favorite is ideal warmed up for a comforting treat on cold winter nights, but it is equally delicious enjoyed cold. Try sprinkling yours with cinnamon for added flavor, stir in some fruit or add a few nuts. You can easily get away with these tasty embellishments because most brands of canned rice pudding contain less than 175 calories per serving.


Baked Apple

Another traditional favorite, baked apple has a sweet, soft texture which makes it perfect for desserts and it is surprisingly filling too. Better still, apples are fiber and vitamin rich, and a large apple averages at just 100 calories. To prepare, simply core an apple, place in a baking dish and bake at a moderate temperature (350F/180C) for approximately one hour or until tender to the touch. Fill the core hollow with cinnamon and raisins if desired. This is a quick and delicious dessert under 200 calories everyone should try.


Frozen Bananas

This dessert is wonderfully simple to prepare and utterly delicious. Dip bananas in melted chocolate and freeze until the chocolate has set and the banana is solidified. The result is something like a choc ice with banana flavored ice cream, but without the calorie penalty. These treats average at only 110 calories, so can you think of a better way to boost your daily fruit intake?


Fruit Smoothies

Maybe the ultimate healthy dessert under 200 calories, this is one that you can truly enjoy guilt free. Whatever fruits you choose for yours, fruit smoothies are both bursting with wholesome vitamin goodness and naturally deliciously sweet. Simply throw a selection of your favorite fruits into a blender and blend! Add ice and some honey for added sweetness if needed.



Another low calorie alternative to ice cream, yogurt is low fat, goes with everything and is surprisingly nutritionally valuable. The dairy product is rich in calcium and contains healthy, pro-biotic bacteria which helps keep your digestive system in check. Add fresh fruit or a sprinkling of nuts to plain yogurt for a delicious dessert which averages at less than 100 calories per serving. Alternatively, take inspiration from the Greeks and mix your plain yogurt with honey, fresh mint and a few segments of an orange for a deliciously simple, low-cal dessert that’s a classic way to end any meal.


Strawberries and Chocolate Sauce

While strawberries and cream might be the all-time classic combination, this alternative is just as delicious but considerably less fattening. Strawberries are rich in fiber and vitamin C and virtually fat free, so you can indulge in a generous portion dipped in chocolate sauce without worrying about sabotaging your diet. This is another delicious dessert under 200 calories that is wonderfully simple to prepare, and it actually averages at only 149 calories (for one cup of strawberries and two tablespoons of chocolate sauce).

As you can see, there are loads of delicious desserts under 200 calories you can enjoy at any time -- and many of them make fantastic snacks as well! You can easily satisfy your sweet tooth without putting your diet in jeopardy, or feeling up with unhealthy, empty calories. I hope you will be tempted to try one of these desserts under 200 calories, as they are all quick and easy to prepare, inexpensive and most importantly, delicious! Tell me, what other scrumptious sweet treats and delicious desserts under 200 calories do you have to add to the list?

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I am also trying my recipe....sugar free bicuits with pineapple jam...I think low in calorie and yummmmmmy.

Good options.....I have to try frozen banan.

For the strawberries, you could also add some lite cool whip. Lately I've been eating strawberries, lite cool whip, and a square or two of chocolate. You can do it under 100 cals and it's great!

i added youguet and mango in blender and it tastes awaome and very easy recepie

Hey shakti please fwd ur recipe. Waiting to try my hands at it & eat too.

No fat yogurt frozen with berries, honey and lime in a loaf tin...mm

Hey Shatki I've frozen chunks of bananas

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