8 Romantic Recipes to Impress Your Date ...

By Alison

8 Romantic Recipes to Impress Your Date ...

Romantic Recipes are no doubt on many people´s minds at this time of year. But why limit yourself to making romantic meals on just one day of the year? If you have invited a date for dinner, why not surprise them with a loving touch to the meal. Whether it´s a sweet snack, or a full meal, here are some romantic recipes to impress your date.

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Mini Grilled-Cheese Hearts

Mini Grilled-Cheese Hearts goodtoknow.co.uk

There´s nothing fancy about grilled cheese sandwiches, but a romantic recipe doesn´t have to be elaborate. Being cute will do! Get yourself a heart-shaped cutter and bring some love into your meals. The sweet pepper relish will add a lovely kick to the simple sarnie.


Roasted Duck Breast with Plum Sauce

Roasted Duck Breast with Plum Sauce bbcgoodfood.com

Duck is an unusual choice for a meal, and will definitely impress your date (unless they´re vegetarian). The beauty of this romantic recipe is that it doesn´t take too long to prepare. After all, you don´t want to spend too much time slaving in the kitchen; you want your date to get you hot and bothered, not the dinner!


Hazelnut Butter Grilled Scallops

Hazelnut Butter Grilled Scallops bbc.co.uk

If you´ve never cooked scallops before, don´t fret – they don´t take much cooking at all. Just a little frying and grilling, and they´re done. Your date will definitely be impressed with this romantic recipe! Fresh herbs and hazelnuts add simple but special flavours to this dish.


Herb-Crusted Rack of Lamb

Herb-Crusted Rack of Lamb sainsburys.co.uk

Often the best dishes for romantic meals are those that look striking but aren´t actually complicated to make. Cooking lamb in a herby crust makes the meat look impressive, yet involves nothing more than mixing some ingredients together and covering the lamb. And just think of the delicious flavours!


Goat Cheese and Olive Stuffed Peppers

Goat Cheese and Olive Stuffed Peppers theperfectpantry.com

This would make a lovely romantic snack to enjoy together – imagine the fun of feeding each other! It could also be served as a starter or as part of a lunch, perhaps with some tasty homemade bread. These peppers are easy to make in advance and keep in the fridge.

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Sun-Dried Tomato, Red Pepper and Artichoke Pasta

Sun-Dried Tomato, Red Pepper and Artichoke Pasta food.com

Even a dish as apparently mundane as pasta can be made extra-special with the use of some special vegetables. Buy some quality pasta, and pick an interesting shape such as the bows used in the recipe. Sun-dried tomatoes add an intense flavour to a dish – and that´s just what you´re looking for here. You want to get your partner drooling!



Bésame cocktails.about.com

No romantic meal is complete without a cocktail. For readers who don´t understand Spanish, the name of this cocktail means ´Kiss me´ - which is exactly what you want! The liqueur contains an aphrodisiac ingredient, so serve it up as part of your romantic meal and see what effect it has …



Tiramisu food.com

Naturally, you´ll want to finish your romantic meal with a super indulgent dessert, and tiramisu fits the bill perfectly. It´s rich, creamy and will have you licking your lips. Your dinner partner will love it, as well as watching you eat it! It´s also the perfect dessert to feed each other with.

These romantic recipes have been carefully chosen to give you some fantastic ideas on what to serve up for dinner à deux. What you are looking for is lots of fabulous flavours and beautiful presentation. Just one word of warning – don´t eat too much, however delicious the meal is, if you want the romance to continue post-meal! What romantic recipes would you select for a dinner with your special someone?

Top Photo Credit: weheartit.com

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