7 Fabulous Ideas to Dress up Your Dinner Table ...


7 Fabulous Ideas to Dress up Your Dinner Table ...
7 Fabulous Ideas to Dress up Your Dinner Table ...

If you like to entertain, you may be interested in making your table look fabulously dressed up for the occasion. A well-dressed table speaks volumes about your taste, attention to detail and sets the tone for the evening. There are a variety of ways you can deck up your table and don’t feel restricted by your existing tableware. As long as you have neutral colored plates – like white or cream – you can do wonders with your table setting. Here are 7 fabulous ideas to dress up your dinner table.

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Seasonal Color Motifs

A good first step is to choose colors of the season. If it’s Christmas time, pick red and green and if’s it autumn, choose some warm oranges and purples. You can bring in the color in a variety of ways. Stop by your local decor store and pick up some colored paper napkins, add some votive candles or even a lavish centerpiece with the colors of the season.


An Elegant White Table

If you are going for a top class elegant dinner table, then consider the all-white theme. This works well if your serving dishes are white or glass so that the theme is well strung together. Pristine white plates, napkins and table linen combined with sparkling silver wear and clear glass goblets, make an awesome table setting if ever there was one.


Country Cozy Table

For a more homely atmosphere, consider a warm country table with checked tablecloths and a cozier ambiance. This is one occasion when the usual white plates can be set aside in favor of a more earthy tone. You can add to the theme by including some scene setters like an opulent breadbasket or wild flowers centerpiece.


Garden Table

A garden themed table setting is ideal for a baby shower or afternoon brunch. Various shades of green can transform your ordinary dinner table into a lush and lavish setting filled with quaint accents like small potted plants at clever locations. The centerpiece can consist of a glass bowl filled with green apples and a few leaf shaped salad plates can complete the look.


The No Fuss Minimalistic Table

Sometimes rather than go with the traditional tablecloth and fully laid out table setting, a minimalistic table can do wonders to set the tone for the evening. A well-placed runner with matching plates and napkins can make your table look attractive as well as functional.


Bright and Colorful Breakfast Table

If you have a few brightly colored pieces of linen, combine them all into a colorful and memorable breakfast table. For example you can start with an orange tablecloth, add some yellow tablemats, place bright red plates on each mat and complete the look with some burgundy napkins. The vibrant colors will both stimulate your guests and sweeten their appetites.


Seaside Table Setting

If placid elegant is your chosen theme, then try a seaside table setting. Pale blue table linen combined with well-polished silver wear can transform your table into a calm and serene setting. If you really want to take the theme forward, get some fish shaped plates, these can really add to the look.

Entertaining is all about setting the scene and at any party, the table is usually the center of attraction. Dressing up your table to suit the scene is imperative for a well-orchestrated event. Hopefully the ideas presented above can set you on your way towards many a fabulous table setting.

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