7 Fast Breakfast Ideas for School Morning Rush ...


7 Fast Breakfast Ideas for School Morning Rush ...
7 Fast Breakfast Ideas for School Morning Rush ...

Let's face it - we all know how important breakfast is for better thinking, but who has the time for it? Really, school takes a lot out of a young girls mind and body, so it is not advisable to skip you’re your morning meal. Here is my list of fast, super easy and yummy breakfast choices. You will have time to try these quick breakfast ideas!

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Cereal in a Cup

Have you mom pick up some plastic cups next time you're at the store. When you're rushed for time, grab a cup, add some cereal and milk and drink on the go. Just toss the cup when you're done for easy clean up! You have plenty of varieties to choose from. You can have a different flavor every morning.


Freezer Sausage Biscuits

Tennessee Pride sausage biscuits are as good as any! Pop them in the microwave for a few seconds, and eat as you're walking out the door! I believe you can get them with egg as well, though I've never personally tried them. I generally like the sausage with no egg. It also has less calories without the egg added to it.



What's wrong with a fresh banana or an apple? You can't get much easier or faster than reaching into the fruit bowl and grabbing something to eat. And hey, throwing out your peeling or core isn't littering, so you're free to go! You can try grapes, peaches, oranges, or plums. Really, any type of fruit will work.


Breakfast Shake

Having a breakfast shake is just as tastefully rewarding and tummy filling as anything else. A pre-measured packet and some milk, a few shakes and you're good to go! Ot you can create one with yogurt and milk, frozen yogurt and fruit, or crushed iced fruit shakes are yummy, too.


Fruit Smoothie

In the freezer section of your local grocery, you'll find these delicious ready-to-blend fruit smoothie packs. All you do is empty the contents into your blender, add a couple strawberries (or bananas) and blend! In seconds, you can have your (disposable) cup full and be on your way! I love frozen treats during the warmer weather. Cool, refreshing, and healthy. What more could you ask for?



Ok, so it isn't "breakfast" food, but it sure is quick and easy and super good! A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is actually good for you because of the protein, so this is not a bad choice! But it is high in calories, so be careful. All natural peanut butter is better for you as is whole whet bread. Use the jelly sparingly.



Pop-tarts aren't just for little kids! These things come in so many different flavors now, too! My personal favorite would be the "Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough" ones, but I have many flavors I find perfect for the hurried breakfast choice. What's your favorite flavor?

No you know the best food choices for a on the run, hurry up breakfast. What do you eat that is different then than my list?

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