10 Best Cooking Shows on TV ...


10 Best Cooking Shows on TV ...
10 Best Cooking Shows on TV ...

Cooking shows are easy to get hooked on, even if you aren’t a weekend chef yourself. There are plenty to choose from; some long since taken off the air and others still going strong. Here are the 10 best cooking shows on TV, both now and in the past. I hope you enjoy this list and feel free to add your own suggestions in the comment section.

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30 Minute Meals with Rachael Ray

Holding a spot on the Food Network since 2001, I think this show is perfect for people needing quick meals for a busy life style. Rachael explains each recipe and step with clarity and often tosses in a bit of humor too.


Take Home Chef with Curtis Stone

I wish this show was still on TLC. It only lasted from 2006 to 2008, but how fun would it be to have this chef walk up to you in a grocery store and offer to make you dinner? Curtis helped people surprise their spouses or guests with an assortment of food selections, such as Beef Wellington, a lobster dinner, and even a Spanish themed meal.


Ciao Italia with Mary Ann Esposito

If you’re looking for authentic Italian cuisine cooked by someone who truly knows Italian food, then you might enjoy this cooking show. It’s been on PBS since 1989 so she must be doing something right!


Wolfgang Puck’s Cooking Class

Food Network hosted this show from 2003 to 2005 and most people truly enjoyed it. Wolfgang has a laidback attitude about things and it even shows while he’s cooking. The title itself let people know the show was intended to help them hone their cooking skills.


Hippy Gourmet with Bruce Brennan

Bruce is a gourmet chef from San Francisco who incorporates his Flower Child flair into every meal. The cooking show has been on San Francisco Public Access since 2001. The recipes are family style, very tasty, and filled with wholesome ingredients. Bruce tries to create not only a selection of great meals, but also lead a very green lifestyle as well. You can check out Hippy Gourmet episodes.


The Hairy Bikers’ Cookbook with Dave Myers and Si King

These two guys travel around and explore local foods in a number of different countries. This show was first aired on BBC Two in 2004 and has changed names a few times. During the fourth season the show was called The Hairy Bakers and didn’t include any traveling. The 1 thru 3 series was where the great footage was taken and tasty meals were enjoyed.


Chinese Food Made Easy with Ching-He Huang

I love eating Chinese food and Ching-He Huang shows just how easy authentic Chinese cuisine can be. She creates an atmosphere that is relaxing and watching her prepare meals is actually comforting, instead of frustrating. Ching incorporates Chinese philosophy in her creations as well, such as finding balance between ‘cooling’ and ‘heating’ foods. This type of cooking keeps yin and yang in perfect balance.


The Grill Sergeant with Brad C. Turner Jr

This cooking show has been on the Pentagon Network since 2008 and has received lots of great feedback. Jazz music is played by a military band during the show and sometimes Brad even sings as well. The meals prepared on this show don’t require a lengthy list of expensive ingredients and the show is rather lively too.


Joanne Weir’s Cooking Class

PBS has sported this cooking show since 2009. It’s the perfect one for beginning cooks who wish to make meals with at least some complexity to them. The recipes are yummy and great for giving new chefs their boost into the cooking world.


Good Eats with Alton Brown

This show has been on the Food Network since 1999 and is not only educational for people new to cooking, but it is extremely entertaining as well. The science behind cooking is explained and recipes are easy to follow.

Which selection would you choose to include in your personal list of the 10 best cooking shows on TV?

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