7 Must Have Things in Your Fridge ...


7 Must Have Things in Your Fridge ...
7 Must Have Things in Your Fridge ...

There is no doubt that our lifestyle is getting busier and busier. One sees the impact of that on the food we eat. Here is a list of must have things in your fridge that will ensure that you can avoid junk food and eat a healthy, yet quick and easy snack or meal.

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A Carton of Milk

A carton of milk is definitely one of the must have things in your fridge. This is especially true if you have children. A glass of cold milk can be very refreshing at any time of the day. Add a fruit of your choice and mix it in a blender to make a delicious and cooling milk shake.


Some Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is an extremely healthy alternative to junk food. Our bodies actually need 8 servings of fruit per day. But, even if you can’t have 8 servings, whatever you can have will be beneficial to you.


A Few Eggs

There are so many different ways to make an egg that eating eggs can hardly ever get boring. Also, no matter how you like your eggs, they don’t take very long to make. Boil them, scramble them or make an omelet anytime you feel pangs of hunger.


A Container of Yogurt

Yogurt is definitely one of the must have things in your fridge. Not only is it great in aiding digestion and providing anti-bacterial matter to your system, it is also cool and delicious. It is a great choice when you are looking for a quick breakfast on the go.


A Block of Cheese

Cheese is always good to have. Depending on which cheese you like, you can use cheese to garnish your meals or you can simply have pieces of cheese with crackers for a quick and yummy snack. Cheese is not just delicious, it is also nutritious.


Bagged Vegetables

While these may be a little more expensive than whole vegetable, it is very convenient to have bagged vegetables. It is one of the things in your fridge you can use to make a quick meal or eat as it is for a snack. For instance, baby carrots can easily be had as a healthy snack, while mushrooms can easily be added to an omelet.



This one is a no brainer. If you have a fridge, make sure that you always have ice in your freezer. You never know what you may need it for. You could use in your drinks in the evening, in your milk shakes in the morning or in a lemonade on a hot day.

It is important to remember that most things that you store in your fridge, including these must have things in your fridge are perishables. Refrigeration can help keep them longer, but if you don’t use them in a timely manner, they are bound to get spoilt and may end up spoiling other items in the fridge as well.

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