9 Ideas to Keep Your Fridge Clutter-Free ...


9 Ideas to Keep Your Fridge Clutter-Free ...
9 Ideas to Keep Your Fridge Clutter-Free ...

It is never nice to be out of food. At the same time, it is never possible to predict what you or your family may feel like eating on any given day. Finally, it is not always possible to make supermarket trips on a regular basis. Presto! The fridge is stuffed with unbelievable clutter! Here are some great ideas to keep your fridge clutter free.

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Throw Away the Rotten Stuff

Throw Away the Rotten Stuff Image source: fungi4schools.org

Invariably, you will find that some perishables have rotted in your fridge. Make sure you throw them away immediately.


Look out for Expired Stuff

We don’t always finish a bottle of jam or other such items in the time that they are supposed to be consumed. The result is that we have plenty of stuff in the fridge that is far beyond its expiry date.


Store Limited Quantities

Many of us are in the habit of sticking everything into the fridge at the same time. For instance, when you buy a six pack of coke, it goes into the fridge all at the same time, even though it is not always consumed at the same time. One of the ideas to keep your fridge clutter-free is to keep one or two bottles or cans in the fridge at a time and store the others in cabinets.


Shop Sensibly

Shop Sensibly Image source: static.guim.co.uk

Just because there are 6 different flavors of fruit yogurt available in the store doesn’t mean you have to buy all of them. Choose one or two and keep the rest for the next trip.


Dairy Products

Dairy products tend to spoilt faster than other perishables. One of the many ideas to keep your fridge clutter-free is to stock as few dairy products as possible.



Fruits need not be kept inside the fridge unless they are cut open. So, store uncut fruit outside, say, in a fruit basket. In the case of large fruits like watermelon, after you have cut open the fruit, it will save you space in the fridge if you cut the fruit and store it in an appropriate sized box.



Merge Image source: cbc.ca

There are times when you have one whole bottle of mayonnaise in the fridge and another that contains only a couple of spoonfuls. In cases like these, it certainly helps to merge the two bottles into one.


Seasonal Stocking

There are many products that can be stored outside the fridge except during the summer season. Identify these products and de-clutter your fridge for the rest of the year.


Learn to Say No

This is one of the best ideas to keep your fridge clutter-free. You don’t always have to have everything your family may demand at the last minute.

These ideas to keep your fridge clutter-free are easy to follow and do not take too much time or effort. Clean out your fridge regularly and ensure that you are being sensible about stocking it again so that you can avoid the clutter in it.

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