10 Foods We Hate but Shouldn't ...

By Neecey

10 Foods We Hate but Shouldn't ...

There are many foods we hate but shouldn't; they deserve our love instead. Some the healthiest foods that can be very beneficial to our diets are hated by a large percentage of the population. However, this innate dislike for particular healthy foods often stems from ‘bad experiences’ when eating them. Usually the food has been poorly prepared or cooked, or the person has a skewed perception of what the food tasted like from childhood. But some of these foods have some very good reasons to eat them. Here are 10 foods we hate but shouldn’t.

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Avocados are actually one of the ultimate health foods, despite the fact that a lot of people say they can’t stand the texture. Naturally high in vitamin E, this fruit is great for your skin and heart. In fact, avocados are a great source of healthy monounsaturated fat, and may even help lower cholesterol. Try blending them to form a guacamole and serve in a Mexican tapas or Mediterranean meze style.



Many people overcook broccoli so it resembles a soggy mush, which is probably why a lot of people dislike it! To retain broccoli’s lovely crunchy texture, and preserve its natural vitamins and minerals try either stir frying it or roasting it in the oven with lots of seasoning. This is a common food people hate but really shouldn't, and preparing it properly can help change your mind.


Brussels Sprouts

This is probably the most disliked vegetable and top of the list of foods we hate but shouldn’t. Christmas dinner is usually the main perpetrator for people’s dislike of sprouts. When overcooked, their smell can be overpowering, so no wonder many people detest them! However, cook them right and they can taste good and be a fantastic source of vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and glucosinolates (which are great for tackling cancer). For a change thinly slice them and stir fry them.



Although many people claim to dislike celery because of its lack of flavour, it can actually be an excellent source of vitamin K, potassium and folate. Celery is a food we hate but shouldn’t because it can also help lower blood pressure. Due to its mild taste, it’s easy to slip it into a few favourite recipes virtually unnoticed. Try whizzing it up in a blender with other vegetables, stock and seasoning to form a delicious soup or dice finely and add to stews and casseroles.



Everyone knows that the omega-3 fatty acids in oily fish are valuable in promoting a healthy brain and heart, but the smell and texture puts a lot of people off. It’s also a fabulous source of protein, so try ‘disguising’ that overwhelming fishy taste with a strong marinade. Also, if you’re really not a fish lover, don’t be put off by strong tastes liked smoked haddock, but instead opt for a more delicate tasting, ‘meaty’ fish like tuna.

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Marmite, we all love it or hate it right? Well it doesn’t have to be the way, as the strong taste can easily be reduced by adding marmite to a healthy sauce. Also, try spreading it very thinly (as many people can be overpowered by it if it’s spread too thickly) on bread as it actually contains lots of B vitamins which are good mood and energy levellers.



Mushrooms are often declared ‘rubbery’ and are therefore unpopular. Mushrooms are a food we hate but shouldn’t as they’re the only vegetable to contain vitamin D as well as being a fabulous source of protein. Try grilling the larger Portobello mushrooms or add them to warm sandwiches or burgers to give your food a nutritional boost.


Peanut Butter

If you happen to be an arachibutyrophobic (yes, there’s actually a name for when it sticks to the roof of your mouth), or just can’t stand the dryness of peanut butter, you could be missing out on its cholesterol lowering abilities. Peanut butter actually tastes great in satay sauce or in cookies, so give it another go. Besides, there are all kinds of types to try now.



Tofu is often considered as the bland, vegetarian option. Although it is a healthy alternative to meat, it can also help lower cholesterol levels. Try marinating it in something strongly flavoured like soy sauce, or even adding it to curry if you feel it’s tasteless or bland.



Anyone who doesn’t like tomatoes is seriously missing out on one of nature’s most powerful superfoods. If ever there is one food we hate but shouldn’t it’s the humble tomato. Research has shown that the natural antioxidant found in tomatoes (lycopene) is actually more easily assimilated into the body when the tomatoes are cooked. This is great for lots of people who loathe tomatoes in their raw form. Just be careful when selecting tomato based products, as lots of convenience foods are high in salt and sugar.

Many of the foods that we hate but shouldn’t have excellent nutritional benefits and with a little imagination can be incorporated into any diet. Find new ways to eat them or include them in your favorite dishes as they are all worthy in their own special ways. What are some other foods you dislike?

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These are all my absolute favorite. When I feel sick I just eat avocado with a spoon :)!

I only hate 4 of these

My history teacher told me that when his son was little, he said that he couldn't have broccoli because he wasn't old enough. Now he's older and loves to mess with his dad because he's "old enough" to eat it!

I totally love broccoli, brussels sprouts, celery, fish, mushrooms, peanut butter and tomatoes, but I can't stand liver. It's one food that really makes me sick. :/

I used to love broccoli, but got tired of it. Too weird. I hate hate hate celery; I can't munch it, I can't even force myself, it tastes too horrible! Peanut butter is yucky. First time I tried it, I loved it. Second time and every other time after that? Hated it. Tomatoes and avocado are great :D