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Natural Anti Inflammatory Foods are a much better option to turn to as opposed to anti-inflammatory drugs. While those drugs may provide temporary relief, long term use of them can result in serious health problems! That's why you should turn to natural anti inflammatory foods instead! These food are yummy and delicious, and they supply us with loads of nutritional value! Want to know 8 delicious natural anti-inflammatory foods? Then keep on reading my article!

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Blueberries are practically bursting full of antioxidants! Which explains their anti-inflammatory properties! These tiny little berries are sweet and juicy and easy to eat. Pop them fresh, dried or frozen as a quick snack. I also love them on cheesecake or frozen yogurt or pancakes!


Sweet Potatoes

I bet you didn't realize sweet potatoes are a natural anti-inflammatory food! These little babies are a great source of vitamin B6, vitamin C and dietary fiber as well as other good-for-you nutrients. Stock up on sweet potatoes and incorporate them into your diet often. They don't have to be for Thanksgiving only!


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil, a natural anti-inflammatory food, is actually a well-kept secret to longevity! The rich supply of polyphenols it brings protects the heart and blood vessels from inflammation. So start cooking with more EVO!



Many people seem to have a bad taste for broccoli, but I love it! I'm sure it's because as little children we associate broccoli as "that vegetable mom makes me eat" but you're way past that now! As a highly nutritious vegetable and a natural anti-inflammatory food, start dishing out more helpings of broccoli at the dinner table. Add some salt to steamed broccoli for a yummy side!



Papaya is one of my favorite exotic fruits! So is pineapple! They are actually both considered a natural anti-inflammatory food, so don't hesitate to grab a few next time you're doing grocery shopping. It always pays to eat your fruits and veggies!


Wild Alaskan Salmon

I've never been a big seafood eater, but when I discovered that salmon is a natural anti-inflammatory food, I decided to start trying a little harder to incorporate it into my diet! And surprisingly enough, it's not bad! Fish oils are really good for you and they have all kinds of nutrients our body needs. If you don't like seafood, be sure and take a fish oil supplement so you can at least get the goodness of seafood!


Green Tea

Now here's one you probably have heard before. The flavonoids in green tea are very potent anti-inflammatory compounds! Have yourself a few cups of green tea every now and then to soak up the good health benefits.

Now that you know these delicious natural anti-inflammatory foods, you should be well on your way to adding them into your diet! What can be better for you than eating healthy foods, right? I hope you enjoyed my list of Natural Anti Inflammatory Foods. Please comment below if you have any ideas of your own to share!

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Thanks for this. I suffer something terrible from inflammation of the joints!

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