8 Delicious and Healthy Italian Foods Recipes ...

Italian Food Recipes are generally so rich and decadent that they're packed with fat and calories. Still, it's hard to resist, especially since Italian is probably the most popular cuisine. The good news is that there are tons of healthy Italian food recipes that really cut the calories, so you can enjoy all that scrumptious food without the guilt. I've made each and every one of the dishes I'm about to show you, so I guarantee they're amazing. Check out these delicious and healthy Italian food recipes, and pick which one's your new favorite!

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Oh yum. I adore gnocchi, I love zucchini, and I'm generally a fan of anything with butter in it! I know that might make this seem like one of the more fattening Italian food recipes out there, but I assure you it's not. You only use a little bit of butter, you see, and even with some mouthwatering ingredients, this is only 327 calories per serving!

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