7 Amazingly Easy and Yummy Recipes for Kids to Make ...


7 Amazingly Easy and Yummy Recipes for Kids to Make ...
7 Amazingly Easy and Yummy Recipes for Kids to Make ...

Recipes for Kids are great, because the entire family can get involved in cooking. Even though there are lots of recipes for kids to make, most are never taught how to cook. The result is that they reach adulthood with no idea of how to make even the most basic dishes. There's really no excuse for this, as it just needs a little time and supervision. As with languages, start young and it's easier! So here are some easy, yummy recipes for kids to make.

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Frozen Yoghurt Pops at kidshealth.org

Here's one of the simplest recipes for kids to make. Even the smallest kids will love helping to make these yoghurt pops – although they might not want to wait for them to be ready! It's so easy that kids will start to realise that 'cooking' can be a lot of fun, and want to try more recipes.


Little Pitta Pizzas at annabelkarmel.com

What child doesn't love pizza? It's easier to get them interested in cooking if it's made a fun experience, and the idea with these pizzas is to decorate them so that they look like a face (or whatever the kids want to make). So not only will they enjoy eating them, they'll love making them as well!


Creamy Linguine with Ham, Lemon and Basil at bbcgoodfood.com

This sounds like a complicated dish you might order in a restaurant, but there really isn't that much preparation involved. Besides, involved recipes for kids do a lot to teach them about following instructions. If you've got some herbs growing in the garden, your kids will be able to pick some fresh basil and throw it straight in the pot! This way, they'll start to understand that food doesn't all come from packets, and will hopefully be more inclined to experiment with cooking as they get older.


Fun Burgers at cookuk.co.uk

Again, this is a really simple recipe for kids, with the only real work involved being mixing the burgers. Since kids enjoy getting messy, they'll like making any recipe that means sticking their hands in a bowl! If they like herbs, you could try adding some mixed dried herbs for variety, although this is probably best done by the adult if you don't want half a packet in the burgers!


Surprise Fridge Cake at uktv.co.uk

Dessert recipes for kids are always fun. Any cake recipe is bound to be a hit with youngsters, and this fridge cake doesn't require any cooking (aside from melting some ingredients), making it ideal for them to get involved in the preparation. They're bound to enjoy crushing the cookies with a rolling pin. Just make sure they keep their fingers out of the way!


Mini Chickpea and Sesame Patties at tescorealfood.com

Obviously, some stages of this recipe will require careful supervision or help from an adult, but there are lots of things that kids can do to help make these tasty patties. They'll love mixing the ingredients and rolling the mixture into shapes. As well as round patties, they could also make little sausages.


Chicken Nuggets at uktv.co.uk

Chicken nuggets are of course a favourite with kids, but the bought variety can be pretty unhealthy. So here's a healthier alternative that the whole family will enjoy. It's one of the most popular recipes for kids, and it's fun to make. There's no frying, the nuggets are baked instead. As with the other recipes, the kids will enjoy the messy bit - covering the chicken pieces with breadcrumbs.

By implementing fun recipes for kids, you can spend more time with your children, and help them learn. While you can't let children loose in the kitchen on their own until they reach a certain level of culinary competence, they can help make a lot of recipes for kids. It's so important to start them early so that they can cook well as adults instead of relying on ready meals and junk food. We all know someone who is hopeless in the kitchen because they never learned how to cook – make sure your kids are not among them! What was your favourite dish to make when you were young? If you've got any other recipes for kids to share, please do!

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