10 Essential Salsa Recipes ...

Salsa Recipes are a terrific way to jazz up any meal. They are incredibly versatile, easy to make and usually full of fresh healthy ingredients. What started as the world becoming familiar with the basic tomato salsa introduced to us by Mexican cuisine has blossomed into meaning any combination of chopped up ingredients served as a dip or accompaniment. Simply meaning sauce in Spanish, every woman armed with a few variations and different salsa recipes will never be stuck for a party dish or a way to turn a staid midweek meal into something special and appetizing. Here are 10 essential salsa recipes.

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At the top of any list of essential salsa recipes has to the basic one. Made from juicy ripe tomatoes, spiked with chilies and flavoured with sweet onions and some fresh herbs – usually cilantro – a basic salsa can be as mild or as hot as you like. Simply adjust the chili quantity according to strength and taste. Every Mexican cookbook will contain a variation of the basic essential salsa, every celerity chef will have their own version and there are a mass of recipes all over the Internet. Check out this video for instruction.

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