7 Great Vegan Recipes for Non-Vegans to Try ...


7 Great Vegan Recipes for Non-Vegans to Try ...
7 Great Vegan Recipes for Non-Vegans to Try ...

As a non-vegan, like myself, you may not be ready to try tofu, but there are some amazing vegan recipes that you might like. There are many restaurants that are becoming more vegan friendly, so why not become more open to these choices too. Some vegan recipes are just vegetables instead of meat or dairy substitutes like soy. I bet one of these 7 Great Vegan Recipes for Non-Vegans to Try will be on your plate every week after the first bite...

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Vegan Mac & Cheeze...

Vegan Mac & Cheeze... Photo Credit

What I love about non-vegan mac and cheese is that warm, home cooked feeling and memories of childhood you get when you eat it. To me, this "mac and cheeze" vegan recipe looks and sounds like that same warm, good feeling. The author calls it "cheeze" because she uses yeast in her vegan recipe. Continue to VeganYumYumfor the complete details.


Vegan Pizza...

Vegan Pizza... Photo Credit

Some people are particular about their pizza and wouldn't dare try a vegan recipe of their favorite slice, but I like to be adventurous and try new ideas. One of my favorites is a white pizza with broccoli and feta cheese, I'm sure there is a vegan substitute for the feta that would be pretty great. For this vegan pizza recipe you first need vegan dough for the crust and for the sauce you will puree beans, vinegar, oil, and water, sounds interesting. Continue to Vegan SheKnowsfor the full recipe.


Vegan Burger...

Vegan Burger... Photo Credit

I have a feeling that vegan burgers taste better than veggie burgers so I'm looking forward to trying this vegan recipe. When substituting your meat just make sure to use products that will give you a good amount of protein. This vegan burger recipe calls for black beans, which are an excellent source of protein and fiber. Check out Can You Stay for Dinnerfor the complete details.


Vegan Eggplant Lasagna...

Vegan Eggplant Lasagna... Photo Credit

If you've always wanted to try eggplant, why not try it with this delicious looking vegan recipe. I've only tried fried eggplant, so I'm interested in tasting this recipe myself. I love how the cook uses rustic bread instead of noodles for the lasagna, how clever. Continue to VeganYumYumfor the full recipe and details.


Vegan Seven Layer Dip...

Vegan Seven Layer Dip... Photo Credit

My friend makes an amazing non-vegan seven layer dip, so when I saw there was a vegan recipe I knew I had to include it. What's great about all of these vegan recipes is that vegans can make them for parties knowing that both non-vegans and vegans will be happy and satisfied. This vegan seven layer dip recipe calls for soy cheddar cheese, soy sour cream, and a few other ingredients to complete the seven layers! Continue to NamelyMarly for the details.


This vegan seven layer dip is a great recipe for both vegans and non-vegans alike. It is full of flavor and texture that will satisfy everyone. The dip consists of seven layers that include ingredients such as black beans, salsa, vegan cheese, vegan sour cream, and guacamole. The vegan cheese and sour cream give it a cheesy and creamy flavor without the use of dairy products. This vegan seven layer dip is perfect for parties and potlucks. It is sure to be a hit with both vegans and non-vegans alike. It is a great way to show that vegan food can be just as tasty and satisfying as traditional dishes.


Vegan Avocado Frozen Yogurt...

Vegan Avocado Frozen Yogurt... Photo Credit

I love frozen yogurt and ice cream but have never tried soy versions of them and this avocado frozen yogurt vegan recipe sounds tasty and easy to make! Avocados have become popular among vegans and non-vegans and are a great source of nutrients.They can be found in many recipes from burgers and soup to daiquiris and shakes. Check out FitSugarfor the complete recipe details.


Vegan Cheesecake...

Vegan Cheesecake... Photo Credit

A vegan recipe for cheesecake, you can't tell me that doesn't intrigue you! Apparently there is a product called "Better than Cream Cheese" that is made from tofu, soybean oil, and a few other ingredients. Now I'm even more intrigued to find out what a vegan "cheesecake" taste like! Continue to Manifestveganfor more details on the recipe.

If you are a non-vegan wondering what soy milk, soy cheese, and non-meat burgers taste like try vegan recipes that are simple and won't scare you from ever trying a vegan meal again! Vegan recipes aren't all about tofu, there are vegetables and fruits they use that we may have never tried before that taste great and are very healthy, what's not to like about that! Try something new and tell your vegan friends that you finally tried a vegan burger and want to cook them a few vegan recipes when they come to visit!

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