7 Best Summer Salads ...


7 Best Summer Salads ...
7 Best Summer Salads ...

Summer Salads are some of my favorite things to eat. I love the food of summer: barbecues with friends and family, alfresco dining and lots of fresh summer salads. Yum! Since the meat is often left to the men, every summer I experiment with salads that compliment a main dish, are nutritious and delicious, and even salad recipes that make a complete meal on those balmy summer days you don't feel like eating a hot dish. Here is a list of the 7 best summer salads I will be making this season.

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Gado Gado

I fell in love with Gado Gado when I was in Jakarta two years ago. Basically, you steam fresh vegetable pieces alongside boiled egg and fresh tidbits like cucumber and serve them with an Indonesian peanut dipping sauce. It is delicious and very healthy – peanut and eggs are packed with protein, while steaming vegetables retains the nutrients. It is a great dish for children who can pick the food up with their little hands and dip them without getting into trouble. The peanut sauce is a real winner for kids too. There is a hot version in which you mix the peanut sauce with vegetables, but this platter style dish is one of my favorite summer salads because it's fresh and you can eat at your leisure while drinking a beer (the adults, not the kids!). This is a recipe that I like, but if you find a more simple peanut sauce recipe, go for it!
Summer Salads Recipe: freeamericanrecipes.com


Nicoise Salad

The famous French recipe, Salade Nicoise, is one of the best salads there is. Packed with fresh beans, tomato, olives and protein rich egg and tuna, it's a meal in a salad yet it is delightfully fresh. This recipe uses anchovies instead of tuna, which you don't have to do, and there are many more simple versions of this salad available that are just as great.
Summer Salads Recipe: davidlebovitz.com


Jamie Oliver's Summer Chickpea Salad

This vegetarian recipe is inspired by Morocco and the Mediterranean's love for chickpeas. They are a fantastic source of protein and fiber and what's more, they taste fantastic with the feta, fresh mint and basil in this recipe. Don't believe me? Just ask Jamie. This is a truly scrumptious summer salad.
Summer Salads Recipe: jamieoliver.com


Strawberry, Blue Cheese and Rocket Salad

For something a little different that is fancy but very easy to make, try this strawberry, blue cheese and rocket salad. The bite of the blue cheese compliments the sweetness of strawberries so well, while rocket is a great source of folate and a building block for a range of three ingredient salads, such as rocket, orange and goat cheese. I've included the original recipe in the link provided.
Summer Salads Recipe: taste.com.au


Summer Salads of Greece

In my opinion, you just can't go past a classic Greek salad with a fresh homemade dressing. Greeks love olives and olive oil, which are fantastic for heart health, and this salad has lots of healthy Mediterranean ingredients. Tomatoes, olives, cucumber and feta are freshly combined to make on the of the tastiest summer salads ever devised that compliments lamb, beef or any barbecued meat. To make your Greek salad a summer meal, add cooked chicken strips and, for an extra indulgence, sliced avocado. This is a classic recipe, though you will find many more around.
**Summer Salads **Recipe: mediterrasian.com


Thai Waterfall Beef Salad

If you're looking for new summery salad recipes with a twist, this Thai recipe is for you. It is called waterfall beef salad and, although it takes a bit of time to prepare, it is a taste sensation. This is high in protein and low in carbs, and you can make sticky rice for a complete meal that is authentically Thai. This salad takes a bit of time to prepare, but it is worth the effort.
**Summer Salads **Recipe: thaifood.about.com


Summer Salads with Watermelon

Stevie Parle has a great take on summer salads, with recipes. Although some of his recipes seem intricate and are not to everyone's taste, his watermelon, mint, feta and chili salad is one of the best summer salads I've made. It is refreshingly light yet full-flavored and zingy. It is a great dish to take to a barbecue, because you know that no one else will turn up with the same salad! You don't have to include the chili, and for a sweeter desert style salad, leave out the feta as well and add a drizzle of quality honey over the watermelon and mint instead of olive oil. This sweet, minty treat is so refreshing on a hot summer's day.
Summer Salads Recipe: telegraph.co.uk

These summer salads are just a few of my favorites. Let me know yours, too! Does anyone any favorite summer salads that they just adore? If so, I would love you to share your recipes, or even tell us what you add to give a unique twist on any of the 7 best summer salads I have just shared with you!

Top Photo Credit: katherinezhang

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