8 Reasons Why You Should Bake Your Own Cakes ...

Homemade cakes are so much nicer than bought ones, aren´t they? Yet we tend to pick up a flavourless, overpriced supermarket cake that´s full of additives. We really should try making homemade cakes instead – they are tastier, healthier (as much as cakes can be healthy!), and don't take that long to bake. Here are some ace reasons to get into the kitchen and bake a cake …

1. Tasty

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Homemade cakes are so much tastier than bought ones. With all the chemicals shop-bought cakes have in them, the ingredient lists read more like a science experiment than a food item! How can something like that actually taste good? Bake your own instead, they will be delicious.

2. Cheaper

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Supermarket cakes are getting pretty expensive, and are so small that they don´t even last very long. The basic ingredients for a homemade cake are not that costly, and will last for quite a long time. If your family love cakes, you´ll save quite a lot of money by baking your own.

3. Healthier

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One of the best reasons to bake a cake is that they are so much healthier than the manufactured versions. As I mentioned above, shop cakes have so many unpalatable- sounding ingredients in them. Homemade cakes are additive-free, made with natural ingredients, and you can easily bake low-fat versions if you prefer.

4. Easy

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Do you think that you´re a disaster in the kitchen and can´t possibly make your own cakes? Try again! Cake baking doesn´t have to be complicated. In fact, there are lots of simple recipes; if you´re not very confident, start with some simple cakes, and don´t forget to keep an eye on it while it´s baking (often the problem is forgetting to check the cake and finding that it´s overdone).

5. Fun

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Getting messy in the kitchen can be a whole lot of fun! Do you remember how much we all loved licking out the bowl when we used to ´help´ our mums make cakes! Baking cakes gives you a chance to be a big kid again – you can even decorate the cakes just how you want!

6. Variety

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Supermarkets naturally have a limited range of cakes, space being one of the reasons. Sometimes what they carry just isn´t that interesting. With homemade cakes, there are far more options – google recipes and you´ll find thousands of cakes. You could make a different one every day and not run out of possibilities!

7. Time with Kids

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Kids love baking, so spending some time in the kitchen with them can be a great way of having fun together. Let them have a go at decorating and using their imagination. The results don´t have to be perfect, as long as everybody has a good time (and you´ll all enjoy eating the results!

8. Relaxing

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Do you have a busy job that involves lots of stressful decisions? Many people find that an activity like baking is a very relaxing antidote to work stress. The simple act of mixing the ingredients doesn´t require any concentration, and once the cake is ready you can relax and enjoy a slice!

I hope that these fantastic reasons to bake a homemade cake have inspired you to get baking! There are so many yummy homemade cakes just waiting to be baked and I know our readers could produce some amazing tasty cakes. Just save me a slice! What do you associate with homemade cakes – do they remind you of your mum or granny?

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