8 Ways to Use Stale Bread ...


8 Ways to Use Stale Bread ...
8 Ways to Use Stale Bread ...

Bread is delicious when it’s fresh for sandwiches or warm with butter. However, sometimes we don’t eat the bread in time. Really, bread is only fresh on the first day we buy it. Even if we freeze it for later it’s never quite the same, but that doesn’t mean it should go to waste even if it is a bit stale and past its prime. Here are 8 ways to use stale bread.

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Croutons are little squares of toasted bread and are great on salads or in soups well as being a great way to use stale bread. Chop up the stale bread into little squares and coat with a little oil before toasting on a tray in the oven. You can even sprinkle with various herbs and spices to give them something a little more special. With flavorings they can even be eaten as a snack.



Lots of recipes call for breadcrumbs, such as making your own mince patties or hamburgers. Stale bread is actually ideal for this purpose because it converts easily into fine crumbs.


Garlic Bread and Toast

Anything that involves toasting is a great use of stale bread as it eliminates some of the staleness as well as adding crispiness and crunch. Adding garlic, or garlic butter to the bread, and then toasting either under the grill or in the oven is a great way to use bread to create a delicious snack or side dish.


French Toast

Another great use for stale bread is to create French toast. This delicious treat uses egg, milk, vanilla essence, sugar and cinnamon to add a flavorful and sweet coating. You can use any type of bread you have left over or stale from an ordinary loaf, to a French stick and even hotdog rolls. This can be eaten as a breakfast food, or makes a great dessert or supper. Try it with honey and berries.



Bruschetta is a tasty Italian food using a salsa like topping of chopped tomato, red onion and a balsamic dressing. You toast the bread, which should ideally be sliced pieces of a French stick or something similar, and top with the tomato mixture. Bruschetta makes a great appetiser, side dish or light lunch with lots of flavor.


Basic Toast

Even if you don’t want to create something fancy or don’t have to time for garlic toast or French toast, just making basic ordinary toast is fine. It eliminates the staleness and toast is very versatile and suitable for whatever your favorite toppings might be, such as eggs or tomatoes to make a quick meal.



Stale bread that works well for breadcrumbs will also work well for different kinds of stuffing, particularly if you can use a variety of bread types. This is great for stuffing turkey or chicken for any occasion. You can find many different recipes for flavors and styles of stuffing that call for the use of bread crumbs or cubes.


Feed the Ducks

If you don’t like any of those options, or your bread is truly just too stale even for toast, then take your stale bread and feed the ducks. Kids will love this option, and you can make a fun outing for the whole family. The ducks will love you too.

If your bread has gone past its ideal freshness and isn’t as appetising any more, that doesn’t mean you need to throw it out just yet. There are lots of recipes and ways to use stale bread that extend its life and can even create something delicious and fun. If you have a novel way to use stale bread please share.

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Excellent ideas. I wish people would not throw bread into trash, but at least feed it to the birds.

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