8 Brunch Foods to Make at Home ...


8 Brunch Foods to Make at Home ...
8 Brunch Foods to Make at Home ...

I admit that I’m not the best of cooks. But breakfast foods, I seemed to have mastered – beyond just eating cereal three times per day. And definitely after I’ve had my pot of coffee.

So, if you plan on having guests in the morning or just want to surprise your significant other with some delicious breakfast-in-bed, try out one of these tasty brunch recipes this weekend:

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Before my boyfriend took over dinner-making duties, I made myself frittatas for dinner. A lot. In its simplest explanation, it’s like an open-faced omelet – and best made when you have a bunch of leftovers (and some eggs, of course). No annoying folding necessary.


French Toast Casserole

I am a big fan of throwing a bunch of stuff in a 9x12 baking dish for new inceptions of casseroles. Read: I’m a lazy cook. This French toast version, however, will have me eating breakfast for dinner quite regularly. Is that called brinner?


Most of us remember having strata for Christmas breakfasts. While no longer relegated to holiday celebrations, this bread, egg and sausage casserole is super easy to make the night before you plan on having brunch. My question: am I the only one who also dips it in ketchup?


I love eating breakfast burritos – I just don’t like to make them (hello, NOT a morning person!). These mini Mexican pizzas are an easy replacement, however – and perfect for a quick and hearty brunch bite for children and big kids alike. Simple enough to make with one eye open and one hand busy with a coffee cup.


Making doughnuts at home can be a pain – and quite the mess with those spattering fry oils. But baked doughnuts are healthier than fried, naturally. This simple recipe is found on the Wilton Donut Pan (you’ll need that to get started). Brunch is a do-it-yourself dozen, when your guests get to add their own maple glaze, frosting, nuts and sprinkles.


Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

The only thing better than pancakes are CINNAMON ROLL pancakes. I sincerely thought these were going to be a lot more difficult to make, but the short amount of time and creativity (with making perfect swirls) proved to be rich in reward – and rather filling in my belly. I might have saved some of that icing to eat by the spoonful later…


Bacon might be everywhere these days, but the love of the fried fatty meat started with breakfast. These brown sugar bacon waffles – for which you will need yet another kitchen contraption – incorporate a few of my favorite things from brunch foods. And with this recipe, you might be pulling out the waffle maker more often.


Peanut Butter and Banana Stuffed French Toast

Yes, Paula Deen does it again (and again, with the French toast). Truth be told, I had a peanut butter and banana stuffed French toast in Las Vegas at five-something in the morning after playing craps all night in Caesar’s. This brunch combination was the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten (perhaps maybe because I spent the last ten hours drinking in a casino). But what happens in Vegas doesn’t have to stay there.

And what is brunch without alcohol? A brunch that I don’t want to be invited to. I kid. Consider hosting a Bloody Mary Bar or making mimosas to subside all that imbibing from that crazy board game competition from last night. What is your favorite recipe to make for brunch?

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