Top 8 Breakfast Dishes ...

Breakfast is by far the greatest meal of the day. Better than brunch, lunch, dinner, supper, 4th meal, snacks, and all the rest put together. Here is my all-star lineup of the best dishes to start your day…not matter how late your day starts.

8. Omelets

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Omelets are a lazy persons breakfast. You just crack open a couple eggs, fry them up and add whatever you have lying around that looks tasty. My favorite is to add potatoes, cheese, bacon, and BBQ potato chips, but that’s just me.

7. Waffles

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Everyone can agree that waffles are delicious. Seriously, have you ever met a person that doesn’t like waffles? Maybe people that don’t like The Waffle House, but never anyone that doesn’t like plain waffles. The best is to let the syrup sit on it for a minute so it all gets sort of soggy, then wash it all down with a big glass of milk. Yum.

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Pizza is good anytime, any way, and any how. Eat it cold, hot, in an omelet, whatever. Pizza is always good, and that goes right along with death and taxes.Word to your mother.

5. McGriddles

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I’m normally not the biggest fan of McDonald’s, but breakfast is something that Ronald does right. Biscuits infused with syrup with bacon and eggs are a fat kids dream for a reason. My favorite is to get the meal and add the hash brown right into the middle of the sandwich. The hard part is getting up before 10:30 A.M. in order to get one.

4. Any Kind of Cereal

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I don’t eat cereal a lot, but when I do, I put it down. I’ll go months without eating cereal at all, and then all of a sudden I’ll glance over at the supermarket to see a fresh box of Frank N Berry staring at me, and then it’s on. I’ll go straight home and devour the entire box. When I eat cereal that’s all I eat, and that’s how I like it.

3. Eggs and Cinnamon Toast with Bacon

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This has been my favorite breakfast to make lately, although it’s not my all time favorite. I take two pieces of turkey bacon, two eggs, and lay them across a piece of cinnamon toast. Then I wash it all down with English style tea and milk. I actually look forward to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live on Hulu every morning while I put together this dish.

2. Blueberry Pancakes

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Whoever invented pancakes is a genius. Whoever added blueberries to the mix deserves a Nobel Prize. To me blueberry pancakes scream Cracker Barrel on the road during vacation, so anytime someone cooks for a set of these flapjacks I’m instantly transported miles away. By the way, there’s no such thing as blueberry overload when it comes to this dish, the more the better. Add a ton of blueberries, and then smother it in blueberry syrup if you want to do it right.

1. Biscuits and Gravy

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This is breakfast at it’s best. It doesn’t matter if it sausage or bacon gravy, just as long as its not vegan gravy. That stuff is nasty, but good old-fashioned homemade biscuits and gravy are the bee’s knees. I like to add some grape jelly just to spice things up, but whatever’s clever when it comes to this staple of sunrise cooking.

How could you think about skipping breakfast after these ideas. Breakfast combos come from every part of the globe in zillions of different shapes and sizes, but what is your favorite?

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