8 Types of Yummy Pasta ...


8 Types of Yummy Pasta ...
8 Types of Yummy Pasta ...

Did you know that there are over 500 different types of pastas? With so many different types, it sure can be confusing to decide which ones are the yummiest and which would go best with different types of sauces. To help you a little bit in the matter, here are 8 types of yummy pasta.

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Amori, Also Known as Spiralli and Cavatappi

This is one of the most common types of pastas, even though the name may not sound very familiar. If you have seen a spiral pasta, the one that resembles the spirals of a tubular corkscrew, then you have seen this pasta. This pasta comes from Southern Italy. The best thing about it is that its adaptable shapes suits many different types of sauces.



This pasta is popular amongst many types of yummy pasta. This pasta is traditionally made with buckwheat flour rather than whole wheat flour. It is darker in shade than the wheat spaghetti, but otherwise resembles the spaghetti rather closely. Bigoli is its Venetian name, whereas in Tuscany it is called Pinci.



This pasta gets its name from the Italian word ‘buco’ which means ‘hole’. This pasta is just like spaghetti, except that it has a hollow center. Its thicker version is called Perciatelli. Definitely one of the types of yummy pasta, considering the sauce gets inside the pasta as well.



This pasta is not only yummy, it looks delicious as well. Thick rings of pasta are dyed with black squid ink so that they look like sliced calamari, or squid. An excellent choice for sea food pasta.



These are rectangular shaped pasta pieces that are filled mainly with spinach and ricotta, although other fillings are also available. You just need to splash on some sauce and your yummy pasta is ready.


Capelli D’Angelo

Translated from Italian, this means ‘hair of the angel’. This is a super thin pasta that cooks quickly and tastes delicious. It is typically served as part of the first course as it is considered too light for the main course.


Chocolate Pasta

Chocoholics rejoice. This traditional Tuscan pasta is made from cocoa. It can be cooked as part of the main course, but is typically reserved for desserts, where you can just add ice cream to it and munch it away.



This pasta has a rather unique and yummy flavor because it is made with not one, but two different types of flours. It combines regular or all-purpose flour with buckwheat flour to create a distinctive taste. When you use this pasta, you do not need to make a very flavorful sauce. Something light and simple is perfect.

These are just 8 types of yummy pasta mentioned in this list. But, if you like pasta, you should explore some of the other types as well depending on what is available in your vicinity. Different pastas not only bring different shapes and textures to your dish, but also different flavors.

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