7 Sweet Dessert Food Trends ...

Dessert food trends are easy to track. Simply flick through any food magazine, click onto a food blog, or stop by an image sharing site to see what desserts people are raving about. For a while it was all about the cupcake, and then everyone went crazy for macarons, and now cake pops seem to be the dessert food trend du jour. Food trends for dessert are pretty cyclical, so my main tip is to stick with eating what you like best! Take a look at a few tasty dessert trends below.

1. Macarons

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You must be living under a rock if you haven’t seen heard of this dessert food trend. The macaron is a meringue based confectionary with a buttercream or jam filling. Most of the flavour of the macaron comes from the filling. These delicate treats come in nearly every flavour imaginable (salted caramel, raspberry, pistachio, lavender, to name a few) so there’s bound to be something to please all tastebuds.

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