10 Yummy Salads to Cool down Your Summer ...


Summers are great for lazing around by the pool, sipping a cool drink and soaking up the sun. Not to mention, fabulous deck barbecues and fun parties with friends. There’s nothing like a salad to compliment any get together and during summer time, you want one of the cool refreshing varieties. Here are 10 yummy salads to cool down your summer.

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Tomato, Cucumber and Corn Salad

Tomato, Cucumber and Corn Salad Image source: lh6.ggpht.com

This salad is super easy to prepare. As the name suggests, chop a few tomatoes and cucumbers. Combine these with corn and if you want a little extra edge, throw in a little fresh basil. The end result is a fresh and invigorating salad, perfectly suitable for any afternoon barbecue.


Succotash Salad

This dish originates from New England and adds a zesty edge to your picnic table. Combine some seasonal green beans, corn kernels and chunky slices of radish with a divine vinaigrette of horseradish and mustard. You will have a tangy crunchy salad perfectly suitable for any grilled meal.


Green Bean Salad with Jalapenos and Mint

If you need a salad to take to a potluck consider this spicy addition. Gently steam fresh green beans until they are cooked but retain their color. Prepare a spicy dressing of jalapenos and mint, which you can add immediately. It gets better as time passes making it a totally hassle free salad.


Mexican Salad

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For colorful touch to any summer afternoon meal, why not consider a Mexican Salad? The ingredients are simple enough – tomatoes, black beans, corn and a few red and green bell peppers. The dressing is a squeeze of a lemon and voila, you have a bright and cheery side dish.


Zucchini Wafers Salad

For a really cool and refreshing salad, go for finely sliced zucchinis combined with some shredded chicken or grilled fish. It’s sure to be a favorite on any dinner table.


Watermelon with Feta Cheese Salad

What makes this salad so unique and appealing is the combination of sweet and sour. Chunks of watermelon interspersed with slices of onions and topped with feta cheese complete this summer fiesta salad.


Greek Salad

Image sourcet: sub >>> sub

A Greek salad filled with fresh lettuce, black olives, cheery tomatoes and feta cheese is a crunchy addition to any summer meal. A splash of balsamic vinegar combined with olive oil completes this ensemble.


Traditional Potato Salad

Who doesn’t love a creamy potato salad at any family barbecue? There are so many ways to make one, but the all time favorite is cubes of boiled potatoes in a mayonnaise and sour cream sauce with a few chopped onions. A crowd favorite if ever there was one.


Buttered Asparagus

Looking for something simple and easy to produce? Consider this easy to prepare salad, which consists of steamed asparagus lined up on a fresh plate with a drizzle of butter on top.


Roast Chicken with Tossed Pecans and Hardboiled Eggs

Nothing is quite as appetizing as the crunchy combination of pecans and greens with a few pieces of chicken and some hard boiled eggs. A drizzle of gravy from the roast should perfectly complete this dish.

Salads are healthy and nutritious. Everyone likes to add a few greens on their plate especially when they look as delectable as the ten mentioned here. Here’s wishing you a summer filled with refreshing salads and fun!

Top image source: quickfreerecipes.com

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