9 Fantastic Winter Soup Recipes ...


9 Fantastic Winter Soup Recipes ...
9 Fantastic Winter Soup Recipes ...

Winter Soup Recipes are coming up ladies! With the cold rolling in, are you ready to bring out that big old pot and create some fantastic winter soup recipes? Well, I've got the top 9 winter soup recipes that I've made so far and they are delicious!

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Chicken Noodle Soup

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Chicken noodle soup is totally one of my favorite winter soup recipes of all time! Not only is this recipe incredible, but it's so easy too! Just some veggies, chicken, chicken stock and you got yourself an awesome soup to eat on for days! It freezes really well too, so you can make a bunch at a time if you want and freeze it for lunches or dinner.


Winter Chowder

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So ladies, before I made this incredible winter chowder, I had no idea what winter chowder really is. Now, I live in New England and when you say Chowder, it's always going to have seafood in it. Well, this is actually a potato chowder soup that has a bit of celery, some soy milk and some other ingredients that make it so delicious!


Beef Stew

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In the winter, one of the winter soup recipes that is a staple in my house is beef stew. I absolutely love all kinds of beef stew, but this one? It's delish! Beef, garlic, oil, salt – all kinds of ingredients thrown together and simmered. It's awesome guys, try it!


Crockpot Bean Soup

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I actually a mistaken when I first made this one – I thought that it was more like a chili than a winter soup. If you like beans and winter soup recipes that have a little kick, this is totally the soup for you! It's got ham, beans, jalapeno peppers and smoked sausage in it. It's so, so so good, I promise!


Unstuffed Pepper Soup

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I love, love stuffed peppers. They are seriously one of my favorite foods, but in the winter, all I want to make are winter soup recipes, not an actual meal. Well, this soup is a combination of stuffed peppers and soup! It's got rice, onion, green peppers and tomatoes. It's so, so good!


Split Pea Soup

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Since The Exorcist, I've had a really hard time with split pea soup. That movie scared the crap outta me and this soup always brings me back to that moment! Well ladies, I got over my fears because this soup is so, so good! This soup is definitely one of the winter soup recipes that is a staple in my home when the cold weather comes around!


Italian Wedding Soup

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Another one of my favorite winter soup recipes that I make all of the time is Italian wedding soup! It's got chicken broth, beef broth, meatballs and spinach. It's got a ton of flavor, is hot and totally filling. This makes a great dinner!


Beef Barley Mushroom Soup

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I love beef in soup. I think it's so delicious and it really makes it hearty. That's what this soup is all about. It's hearty and totally filling – and it'll keep you warm all winter long!


Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup

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Finally, we come to my final favorite winter soup. This one is spicy, scrumptious and absolutely a great way to warm you up after a hard day of shoveling that snow. It's definitely one of the soups that's in my freezer right now.

Finding the right winter soup recipes isn't hard, you just have to figure out what freezes well and what will warm you up. These are my top 9 winter soup recipes, what about yours? What winter soups are a staple in your house?

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