8 of My Favorite Ice Cream Flavors ...

By Mercy

8 of My Favorite Ice Cream Flavors ...

Ice cream is one of those delectable treats that tops everyone’s favorite food list. Ever since we were kids, it was one of our greatest joys to nibble on some ice cream. Everyone has his or her favorite flavors and over time these have become more sophisticated. Here are some of my favorite ice cream flavors.

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Chocolate Ice Cream

At the top of my list is my all time favorite – chocolate ice cream. Chocolate as a flavor by itself is intoxicating and when presented in the ice cream form is a timeless classic. There are different varieties of chocolate varying in their chocolateyness like ‘rich dark chocolate’, Belgian chocolate, the list is endless.


Vanilla with a Yummy Topping

Vanilla flavored ice cream has always been popular because of its versatility. It can be combined with literally any topping and still be delicious. Chocolate lovers can add chocolate sauce, fruity people can add fresh fruit, nut fans can had nuts, it is so adaptable that it has to be on this list of favorite ice cream flavors


Cookies and Cream

I’m guessing that this flavor came into existence after hordes of Americans added their favorite chocolate chip or Oreo cookies to their ice cream. Soon the ice cream producers picked up on the trend and now we have this absolutely mouthwatering treat available to us pre-prepared.


Cookie Dough Ice Cream

This truly innovative ice cream flavor consists of unbaked chunks of cookie dough being added to vanilla ice cream. The dough is usually chocolate chip flavored and when combined with the cream flavor is winning mix. What is interesting is that it originated in Ben and Jerry’s after an anonymous suggestion from a client.


Cake Batter Ice Cream

For all of us who relished licking the cake batter off a mixing bowl can now enjoy the innovative cake batter flavor. There are a variety of versions including yellow cake, chocolate cake and lemon cake, all of them winners if you are a fan of a more dense and rich version of ice cream.

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Mango Ice Cream

Now while I am all for innovative new fangled flavors, some old fruity favorites have to find a place on this list. Mango flavored ice cream has always been something I enjoyed (of course only when chocolate wasn’t available) and when I nibbled on it, I had to accept that it is absolutely delicious.


Strawberry Ice Cream

Maybe it’s because little girls like pink but whatever the reason, strawberry was my original favorite ice cream flavor. It has developed now from its original creamy state to a chunkier version with fresh strawberries inserted for added taste. It is definitely a winner for those who fans of fruit based flavors.


Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Combining chocolate to anything is always a great combination. Whether its chocolate sauce, cookies or actual chunks of chocolate, when added to vanilla or cream flavored ice cream, the result is a mouth watering and winning ice cream flavor.

Ice cream companies will continue to innovate and bring us new and inventive flavors to indulge our sweet tooth. While I eagerly await the latest introductions, the 8 versions mentioned above are definitely my current favorite ice cream flavors.

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