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I’m a big yoghurt fan, and usually have a fridge full of them. Yoghurt is an easy dessert (although perhaps rather sugary), and good when you fancy something light. I do get a bit bored with the standard flavours though, and like to try something a bit different. Here are my favourite flavours, some of which are less common. Why not give them a try?

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I first found pear yoghurts in a multipack, and they quickly became my favourite among the four flavours. So much so that I was delighted when I discovered a shop that had introduced a multipack of the pear flavour. Now it’s one of my regular purchases. I like it because it’s not as overpowering as some flavours can be.



Rasberry is quite a conventional flavour, but I prefer it to strawberry, which is probably the most common variety of yoghurt. Raspberry is like strawberry’s slightly naughty cousin, with a bit more oomph than the bigger berry. Mix it with milk, and it makes a great yoghurt drink.


Peach and Maracuya

If you find this flavour, do give it a taste (but remember to pay for it first). I find peach on its own a bit dull, so the maracuya gives it a much-needed boost. Where I buy it, it’s only sold in a 500g pot, and I can tell you that pot does not last long, it’s that delicious. My cat also likes licking the pot clean, to the extent that she nearly got her head stuck in it once (oh for a camera ready).


Fruits of the Forest

Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and this flavour is the spice of yoghurts. Or something like that. Fruits of the forest makes for an interesting combination – no insipid peaches or tasteless strawberries here! It actually has quite a kick, as yoghurts go.



I’m also very fond of the thick Greek-style yoghurts (as long as they’re sweetened – unsugared yoghurts are vile). I can happily eat them on their own, but I also like to give them a sprinkling of chocolate muesli (well, more than a sprinkling actually, about half a packet ought to do it). Yoghurt with a crunch!



For some strange reason, rhubarb yoghurt doesn’t seem to be available in Spain, or rhubarb itself, for that matter. There’s obviously no accounting for taste. Anyway, when I’m visiting the UK, family members are under strict instructions to pick up a rhubarb yoghurt so that I can get my fix … until the next visit.



This is another flavour that I loved in the UK, but haven’t found in Spain. A gap in the market, perhaps? Are the Spanish ready for these new taste sensations? Blueberries aren’t just for muffins, dear readers (although I’m prepared to admit that muffins are their primary purpose). They also make for a deliciously different yoghurt flavour.

What’s the strangest yoghurt flavour you’ve ever tried, and if you make your own, what do you like to add to your yoghurt?

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