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Veggie burgers aren´t just for vegetarians. Even meat eaters can try them for a change! There are so many delicious veggie burger recipes that you don´t need to buy the ready-made version. Plus you can make more than you need, and freeze the rest for another time. Here are some of the tastiest veggie burger recipes I could find …

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Black Bean Burgers

Black Bean Burgers vegetarian.about.com

Beans make excellent veggie burgers, because they add moistness once mashed up, and are substantial and filling. Any type of bean will do, so just use what you have in the cupboard, or experiment and see which you prefer. Bean burgers are really cheap to make as well – good news these days!


Barbecued Portobello Burgers

Barbecued Portobello Burgers allrecipes.co.uk

This is rather unusual for veggie burger recipes, as the ´burger´ is a large mushroom. Once cooked, they are so juicy and tasty that it makes sense to serve them in a bun as a burger. You won´t miss meat at all with this simple dish!


Tofu & Green Onion

Tofu & Green Onion vegetarian.about.com

Even some vegetarians dismiss tofu as ´boring´, but it´s useful for so many veggie dishes. Tofu is extremely healthy, so this veggie burger is very good for you. Be sure to buy the firm tofu, so that the burgers stick together and do not disintegrate!


Veggie Burgers

Veggie Burgers allrecipes.co.uk

This recipe puts the veggies into veggie burgers! Carrots, squash and courgettes make a vitamin-packed burger, which would be great served at a barbecue. It could also be used as part of a meal, as could most veggie burger recipes.


Ultimate Veggie Burger Recipe

Ultimate Veggie Burger Recipe 101cookbooks.com

Or falafel, by another name! Even my meat-eating friends love falafel. Garbanzo beans make a lovely filling burger that is chunky and tasty. If you want to use the burgers to fill buns, simply make a few larger burgers instead of a dozen small ones.


Lentil Burgers

Lentil Burgers theveggietable.com

Lentil burgers were arguably the first versions of veggie burgers. They are really tasty and substantial. It´s best to use green or brown lentils, as they keep their shape better than red lentils, which tend to become mushy when cooked.


Garden Burgers with Mushrooms & Peppers

Garden Burgers with Mushrooms & Peppers veganvillage.co.uk

Many veggie burger recipes use egg to bind, so what do vegans do? Well, they can try this vegan burger. In fact, anyone can eat it whether they´re vegan or not. Nuts are another excellent ingredient for veggie burgers (use another nut if pecans are too expensive).


Apple Burgers

Apple Burgers theveggietable.com

If you really feel like being adventurous, then try out these apple burgers. I must admit that it seems like an odd choice, but cooking is all about experimenting and being adventurous! I don´t think that I would dare try this out on my non-veggie friends though …

Veggie burgers can be very expensive to buy, but there´s no need to spend a fortune when you can make your own so easily. There are so many tasty veggie burger recipes that can be made quickly and cheaply (plus they´re easy to freeze for another time). Would you ever cook veggie burgers as an occasional alternative to meat?

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