7 Scrumptious Ways to Cook Red Meat ...


7 Scrumptious Ways to Cook Red Meat ...
7 Scrumptious Ways to Cook Red Meat ...

How to Cook Meat really depends on what you like to eat, which cuts you prefer, and how much time you actually have to cook. I confess that I love beef, and there are so many great cuts – you don't have to spend a fortune on prime cuts to enjoy a great meal, either. It just comes down to learning about different ways to cook meat. As it happens, there are quite a few of them, but I've focused on the most popular techniques used for cooking red meat, and I hope you find them useful!

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When you're first learning how to cook meat in different ways, it's a great idea to begin with roasting. It's relatively easy, you can roast many different cuts of beef, and you'll end up with some really marvelous flavors. You also get the bonus of a delicious crust on your meat, especially if you cook with a wire rack. For something tender and flavorful, use a pan so the roast can stew in its juices.



Grilling is another fantastic way to cook meat. Naturally, it lends itself well to steak. In the summertime, especially, there's nothing like a meal of salad, grilled steak, and grilled corn on the cob. You can also easily cook your meat the way you want, timing it to get a rare, medium, or well done steak.


Grilling is a great way to cook red meat, especially steaks. It's the perfect summertime meal, with a delicious steak, salad, and grilled corn on the cob. Grilling is a great way to control the doneness of the steak, so you can get it just the way you like it, whether that's rare, medium, or well done. You can also add herbs and spices to the steak before grilling to give it some extra flavor. Additionally, you can use a marinade to add even more flavor to your steak. Grilling is a great way to get the perfect steak.



Learning how to cook meat by broiling it is quite easily as well. You just have to be careful when it comes to gauging the distance between the broiling element in the stove and your beef. Instead of focusing on the time or temperature, you have to lower or raise your oven rack. This is a great way to get a really juicy cut – yum!


Broiling is a popular cooking method for red meat, as it allows for a quick and easy way to get a juicy and flavorful cut. This technique involves cooking the meat directly under high heat, typically in an oven or on a grill. It is important to pay attention to the distance between the broiling element and the meat, as this can greatly affect the outcome. Lowering the oven rack will result in a slower cooking process, while raising it will cook the meat faster. It is also important to keep an eye on the meat to prevent it from burning. Broiling is a great option for those looking for a delicious and hassle-free way to cook red meat.



Braising is ideal for tougher cuts of meat, like rump roasts or pot roasts. You're basically just slow cooking it, and there are a number of ways to do that. However, you don't completely submerge your meat when you broil. It helps if you brown your beef before you start braising it.



Now, if you're looking for a way to cook meat that does involve completely submerging it, then stewing is the way to go. You can add vegetables for a great stew, or just cook everything down to make a gravy. Stew it long enough, and your meat will be so tender if falls apart.



Marinating can make your meat tender as well. It's also a great way to add explosive flavor elements. It's best to marinate with something acidic, like wine, citrus, or vinegar. You can also use flavorful liquors like bourbon. The longer you marinate, the better the taste!


Stir Frying

One of the best ways to cook meat quickly involves stir frying it. You need to work with thinly cut strips, and try to get rid of as much of the fat as possible. Usually you want to keep fat on your meat, but not this time. You just have to time everything carefully, especially if you're adding vegetables into the mix.

Learning how to cook meat isn't difficult at all. There are lots of recipes that lend themselves well to a variety of techniques. Red meat is delicious and nutritious, as long as you're careful about using the right cuts. Braising, broiling, and roasting sure beat frying, too! Do you have any tips for cooking meat you'd like to share?

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