8 Foods That Fight Pain ...

Over the counter and prescription pain killers help most people deal with several types of pain. For people who are looking for a healthier approach to dealing with aches and such, what about foods that can be used as pain relievers? Here are 8 foods that fight pain. You never know, you just might find a remedy for pain that works well for you.

8. Cayenne Peppers

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The capsaicin found in cayenne peppers is what makes them hot and this compound can also ease pain. Capsules containing 470 mg of natural cayenne are used to help alleviate rheumatic pains. Another type of capsule with 520 mg of cayenne powder is also available at most health food stores.

7. Soybeans

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Soybeans on their own contain elevated levels of phytic acid which is capable of reducing inflammation. A mixture of soybean and avocado oil is sold to people who suffer from arthritis pain. Many individuals testify to this mixture working like a charm to reduce the amount of pain they feel.

6. Wheat Germ

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People showing neuropathic symptoms that include a jabbing and/or burning pain can get some relief by eating wheat germ. There nutritional neuropathy is often caused by a lack of B vitamins, of which wheat germ is rich in.

5. Olive Oil

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Studies have been performed on olives to see exactly what benefits are supplied by their oil. Among the many health benefits found, olive oil is also reduces inflammation in a way similar to ibuprofen. The oleocanthal is an organic compound within extra virgin olive oil and it is this substance that has the anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

4. Garlic

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Cloves of garlic can be crushed and applied to an aching tooth to ease the pain. If it’s an earache that is being bothersome, a few drops of garlic oil can be placed inside the ear canal to help reduce the achiness.

3. Cherries

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High levels of anthocyanins are found in cherries. These are what cause cherries to have a deep reddish purple color. These pigments are tasteless and odorless, but they work wonders on inflammation within the human body.

2. Red Grapes

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Anthocyanins are found also found in red grapes. Red grapes contain 888 mg of anthocyanins per 100 grams of grapes. Besides containing these special pigments, red grapes also have resveratrol in them. This substance is also useful in reducing inflammation.

1. Almonds

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Salicin is a pain-relief ingredient found in almonds. It is the same ingredient that is also found in many over the counter pain killers. Almonds also have a lot of magnesium in them, which aids in the relaxation of muscles. So, eating a handful of almonds can not only provide you with nutrients, but also a way to deal with pain.

I enjoyed finding out about alternatives to over the counter drugs for pain. Out of these 8 foods that fight pain, have you ever used any of them to alleviate your own pain?

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