7 Bright Delicious Cocktails for Summer ...


7 Bright  Delicious Cocktails for Summer ...
7 Bright  Delicious Cocktails for Summer ...

Summer is almost here ladies and that calls for cocktails for summer time! It's almost time to drag out the BBQ and spark up some delicious and summer-inspired cocktails! I tend to try to be ahead of the game (that and I'm wicked excited for summer!), so that's why I've come up with my top 7 cocktails for summer right here! What are some of your favorite cocktails for summer?

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Of course the Mojito would be on here! This white rum, mint and lime sugared cocktail for summer is so delicious and is great for any BBQ! So whip up a batch of mojitos and just see how your guests react! I promise that they'll love it and dub you Queen of cocktails for summer!


Bahama Mama

Even if you aren't on an island somewhere, you can bring a little island flavor to your BBQ! A Bahama Mama combines all kinds of fruit jucies, a bit of Kahlua, some Malibu and finally some dark and white rums. This summer cocktail is incredible tasting and so tropical!



If your idea of a cocktail for summer is anything easy and with peaches, this is it! A little peach liqueur, some peach juice or nector and some champagne and you've got yourself a delicious cocktal that your guests will love!


Pina Colada

I couldn't make a summer cocktail list without including the ever favorite Pina Colada! This little cocktail is a must at all BBQs and even just a day chilling by the pool. Pina Coladas are delicious, sweet and I could definitely drink one every day of the summer!



I think this little concotion of Sprite, lemonade, Midori and vodka is a delicious cocktail that is perfect for anytime during the summer! This is a summer cocktail that you wouldn't really think about when you're making your list of summer drinks right? That means that your guests will get to experience something fresh and new at your BBQ!



I actually love watermelon and liquor. I think that watermelon is the universal summer fruit and when you add it into a summer cocktail? It's perfect! This drink combines watermelon, lime, simple syrup and tequila. It's fresh, delicious and so summery!


Woo Woo

Finally, the last cocktail for summer that we're going to explore. This one is all about the fruit juice and all about the vodka. Just a splash of cranberry, some lime, vodka and some peach schnapps. It's unique, a little different and has a declious taste to it!

Well ladies, there you have it! My top 7 cocktails for summer that not only taste delicous but will make a huge splash at your next summer party! So ladies, tell me, would you use any of these cocktails for summer? What are some of your favs?

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