9 Bizarre Beverages ...


9 Bizarre Beverages ...
9 Bizarre Beverages ...

Bizarre beverages — have yo ever stopped to wonder where they came from, or why, or what they might taste like? We all have our favorite beverages, like a hot chocolate on a cold day, or a cool lemonade when the sun is shining. Me, personally, I can’t get by without my daily fix (or few – well actually quite a lot if I’m truthful) of Diet Cherry Coke. If you’ve ever wished you had something a bit different or unique to drink, you may not have to look much further. However, you may be happy with your regular drinks after you see these 9 bizarre beverage flavors.

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Ice and Cucumber

This may be a candidate replacement for regular lemonade. Many people have already found it refreshing to add a slice of cucumber to a glass of water. Now you can buy it ready-made and in a fizzy beverage.


Dragonfruit, Cola and Beer

If cola and beer wasn’t already enough of a bizarre beverage flavor, then add exotic fruit to the mix and you’ve got a unique drink. This drink is made by a German company that has also added banana or cherry flavored beer to its lineup.


Beer and Milk

If cola or fruit doesn’t take your fancy, then what about milk with your beer? It is said to actually have a fruity flavor. This bizarre beverage flavor could only come from Japan.


Pizza Beer

What goes better than a slice of pizza with your beer? Now you don’t even have to order the pizza to have this winning combination because the flavor comes right in your beer bottle. It may not be quite as satisfying without the real thing, but this certainly is a bizarre beverage flavor.


Roast Dinner

If you like the idea of a meal in a bottle, there are even more options. How about tofurky and gravy in a soda? This comes from a company known for unique and bizarre beverage and soda flavors. Want an antacid soda for after your roast dinner drink? You may need one.



If all the foodie beverages are getting too heavy for your palate, then freshen it with a celery flavored soda. This is probably one of the tamer ones in the bizarre beverage category, but it is definitely unique. The result is likened to a ginger beer.



If you think sodas don’t really sound that healthy then why not try one with yoghurt? This is an interesting idea out of Japan, but a tub of real yoghurt is probably going to be more appealing that a soda with yoghurt flavoring.



Coffee doesn’t sound like a bizarre beverage flavor, but perhaps it makes the cut for this category when it comes as a soda. It could be interesting, but it seems customers were not really fans of this experiment as the soda was discontinued not long after it was released. There are probably already too many other normal ways to get your coffee fix rather than needing a soda.



For the adults wanting to feel like kids again, they can try a bubblegum flavored drink and it comes in vodka, no less. This is definitely not a bizarre beverage for the kids, but if you are an adult missing the bygone days of blowing bubbles and chewing sweet wads of gum, relive the flavor during the weekend cocktail hour.

There are plenty of crazy flavors out there when it comes to drinks, some unique and interesting and others downright strange, or like these,** bizarre beverages**. If you are feeling bored by the regular drinks, or just feeling adventurous, try some of these bizarre beverage flavors on for size. What's the weirdest you've tried?

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I've heard of Bacon flavoured Vodka, too.

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