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I don’t know about you, but I love a good sandwich: bread, butter and a filling – what more could you want to satisfy your stomach? Plus, sandwiches are great at any time of day – they are just so versatile. If you are getting tired of having the same old sandwiches each day or week, take a look at my list of 9 weird sandwiches that will certainly liven up your lunch!

1. Honey and Cheese

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Certainly one of the stranger sandwich fillings I have come across, a smooth and runny honey paired with a strong cheese (stilton is a favorite) makes a very nice filling.

2. Grape

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Fruit? In a sandwich? Very strange indeed, but I have been reliably informed that two pieces of bread and butter with a filling of chopped grapes tastes a lot better than it sounds. I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I’ll be trying that…

3. Peanut Butter and Banana

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Third to grace my list of 9 weird sandwiches is the humble peanut butter and banana sandwich. A personal favorite of mine, I don’t believe it’s weird – tasty, but not weird! Give it a try: just take two pieces of brown bread, add the peanut butter (I like it nice and thick and of course, it has to be crunchy) and chopped banana. If you find it a little dry, adding a drizzle of runny honey will help

4. Chocolate Spread with Cheese

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Apparently a mild cheese, such as cheddar, paired with Nutella hazelnut spread are a match made in heaven. In the words of my friend, “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!”

5. Pineapple and Mayonnaise

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I really dislike mayonnaise, so I’m biased on this sandwich. Why did I include it in my list of 8 weird sandwiches? Because fruit and mayonnaise should never be served together, least of all encapsulated in bread! When I discovered this sandwich I did want to heave a little bit, but if you try this please do let me know how you get on.

6. Peanut Butter and Pickle

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Pickle is one of my favorite things to accompany a good ham or chicken sandwich, but paired with peanut butter? That’s just gross! The vinegary pickle would be a total contrast to the sweet peanut butter, so this isn’t something I’m going to try out!

7. Toasted Starburst

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I’m not sure how I feel about this one. Starburst candies were one of my favorite childhood sweets, but the thought of having them in a toasted sandwich more than slightly repulses me. Personally I’ll keep my childhood nostalgia fresh by not attempting this sandwich, but please do comment and tell me if you tried it!

8. Marshmallow Fluff and Bacon

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I think this is weird: marshmallow fluff and bacon in a sandwich? Separately I love the two products – lovely marshmallow and crispy bacon; however together the thought of that sandwich doesn’t seem too appealing. I had to include it on my list of 9 weird sandwiches because…it’s so well, weird!

9. Potato Chips and Ice Cream

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It seemed fitting to finish off my list with the strangest sandwich that I have had the pleasure of coming across. Chocolate ice cream and salt and vinegar fried potato chips together cannot work in a sandwich – surely? I am going to try this at some point, just because I’m interested in the flavor combination of the two.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my list of 9 weird sandwiches. From bacon and fluff to honey with cheese, if you have found something that you love to eat please do tell me. Similarly if you have any other suggestions, please post them in a comment! I’m going to go and try out a few of these sandwiches over the next few weeks, wish me luck!

Top Photo Credit: crumblycookie.net

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