10 Really Weird Ice Cream Flavours ...


10 Really Weird Ice Cream Flavours ...
10 Really Weird Ice Cream Flavours ...

It seems that nothing is sacred from chefs these days. I’m all for using the most that our environment offers in the way of foodstuffs but sometimes their experiments are just mad and when they mess about with my idea of ice cream I need a scoop just to cool me off. Here’s just a few whacky flavours that are not only the result of chefs acting as mad professors but also international dishes that may have been around for ages.

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Cheese Ice Cream

Eww. I love cheese but if you’ve ever eaten a grated bit of cheddar off your frozen pizza you’ll know it’s not that tasty. Cheese ice cream comes from The Philippines.


Octopus Ice Cream

I didn’t put this one first because I didn’t want to you to throw up at the very first suggestion. Known as Taco Aisu, of course it can only come from Japan. It is real octopus meat in a cherry ice like a slush puppy. The list of weird stuff that the Japanese mix into their ice cream is stupendous. I could go on for hours. Next time you have an ice cream craving how about squid ink, horseflesh, shark fin, seaweed or whale? If they don’t tickle your fancy, maybe Viagra flavor will.


Spaghetti and Cheese Ice Cream

Found in a Venezuelan shop that sold over 900 flavours. That’s all I’m going to say about that.


Caviar Ice Cream

French company Phillipe Faur produces an ice cream that is made with a 60% white sturgeon Alverta Royal Petrossian caviar content. It has rather a pale grey colour like erm, fresh concrete. This company also makes a foie gras flavour.


Cold Sweat Ice Cream

Well if you can actually get part the stomach churning name you’d find this is an American ice cream made from all the usual ingredients plus three types of chilli pepper and two kinds of hot sauce. Gross.


Salty Licorice Ice Cream

Salty Licorice is quite common in Scandinavia, the Baltic Countries and Northern Germany and in most places the name is a derivation of Salmiak. One Swedish company has faced condemnation in the recent past for its ice lolly made from salty licorice called Nogger Black.


Garlic Ice Cream

Gilroy in California claims to be the garlic capital of the world and as they use it in absolutely everything it was bound to turn up in ice cream. If you want to find it, just follow your nose.


Candied Bacon Ice Cream

Found in France and French Canada. I understand that many people who turned vegetarian still crave a bacon sandwich. I reckon this could cure them of that.


Spleen and Artichoke Ice Cream

Mad Italians! I just don’t get this from any angle. Firstly, it’s body parts and secondly why would you put it with a vegetable and thirdly why artichoke? The only thing I want to have to do with a spleen is vent mine at stupidity.


Dog Ice Cream

No don’t worry, this isn’t ice cream made from dogs but for dogs. In 2009 an enterprising (or just slightly mad) opened up an ice cream van selling flavours of ice cream especially designed for our canine friends. (I wonder where the dogs keep their change?)

Each time I see these foul concoctions on a menu I scream! Sod this for a lark I’m off to scoff some Cherry Garcia.

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