8 Cookbooks for You and the Kids ...


8 Cookbooks for You and the Kids ...
8 Cookbooks for You and the Kids ...

Teaching your children to cook is an important part of being a parent and should also be one of the most enjoyable things to do in the kitchen. If you don’t enjoy cooking, it’s important not to let your child turn out the same way so rather than ignore the responsibility , grit your teeth and find a great book to help you through the process. You never know, you might learn something yourself and begin to enjoy it. Here are 8 cookbooks for you and the kids to get rattling those pots and pans.

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My Daddy Cooks by Nick Coffer

This is the first book written by Nick who is a stay at home dad, and passionate about food. Nick and his toddler son Archie have already captured the hearts of many when their video blog was launched from their tiny Kitchen. In the book Nick has shared over 100 of his tried and tested, easy to follow recipes. He has prepared such recipes as Mexican Lasagne and Oven baked Risotto. There are also some lovely sweet treats and indulgent desserts such as Chocolate and Peanut Butter Brownies and frozen Eton Mess. This is a great cookbook for you and the kids which doesn’t involve spending hours in the kitchen but will produce some tasty dishes to liven up your mealtimes. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Dad or a Mom if you want a little inspiration for mealtimes, you will find this a book you will use over and over again.


The Vegetarian Kids Cookbook by Roz Denny

This one has more than 50 healthy recipes illustrated with more than 350 photographs covering snacks as well as main meals, light lunches and deserts. The author is a very accomplished food writer who writes books and articles on many culinary subjects including Chinese and Italian food, microwave cooking as well as fish and Seafood. She specialises however in writing on vegetarian food and cooking for children.


Children’s Step by Step Cook Book by Angela Wilkes

In this book there are 44 healthy nutritious recipes using pure ingredients. The book uses an oversize photo format to illustrate what is involved. This great cookbook for you and the kids also gives some handy tips and looks at safety in the kitchen. It is aimed at children in grades 4-6


Roald Dahl’s Completely Revolting Recipes

This is the ideal cookbook for you and the kids if you want to introduce cooking in a fun way. In typical Roald Dahl style you will find recipes such as Green Pea soup, Wormy Spaghetti and Scrambled Dregs. Fabulous fun and laughs a plenty.


I Want to Be a Chef around the World

Aimed at kids from about 8 to 14 years, it introduces them to a new world of flavours, with authentic recipes from 28 different countries. The recipes have clear instructions, with step by step photography used to illustrate the more complicated techniques used.


Cook It Together by Annabel Karmel

This engaging cookbook for you and the kids takes 10 food ingredients such as honey, chocolate, bananas, rice, potatoes and tomatoes and presents them in a new way. It explains in the first instance where each food comes from or how it is made, before going on to show easy to follow recipes which feature the particular food.


Silver Spoon for Children – Favorite Italian Recipes

This book presents over 40 wholesome, quick and authentic Italian recipes, which have been adapted especially for children. They are presented with clear and simple step by step instructions, and illustrated with many specially commissioned photographs.


Skillet Bread, Sourdough and Chuck Wagons by Loretta Frances Ichord and Illustrated by Jan Davey Ellis

This cookbook for you and the kids is something completely different and is aimed at ages 10 to young adult. It looks at what was being eaten in the American West by cowboys on cattle drives, gold miners in the camps of California and pioneers on the trail. It looks at the equipment used and the cooking methods available at the time. The recipes have cooking instructions along with other information about people and places of the times.

So there you have 8 cookbooks for you and the kids to enjoy. Whether your little darling is 3 or 13, it’s never too soon to get them in the kitchen and remember, cooking is not just about making great recipes together, but also learning about nutrition and health.

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