8 Ideal Gifts for Keen Cooks ...


8 Ideal Gifts for Keen Cooks ...
8 Ideal Gifts for Keen Cooks ...

I am definitely not referring to myself here. Cooking, for me, is a necessity to be endured for the minimum possible time. However, I know several people who love to spend time messing around in the kitchen, and would be really happy to receive any cooking-related gifts. So if you know anyone like that, I am going to suggest some items that they might love someone to buy for them.

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Breadmakers seem to have improved a lot since they first came on the market, and now you can get a reasonable model for quite a low price. Anyone who enjoys fresh bread would love one of these, and they will certainly earn their keep. The recipient will adore having fresh homemade bread ready when they wake up…


Le Creuset

Keen cooks absolutely adore Le Creuset cookware. If you asked them what they most wanted, they would fall at your feet if they thought you would buy them Le Creuset. It’s far from cheap, but if your gift budget accommodates such a purchase, you can be sure that your cooking friend will get so much use out of it (and probably invite you to lots of dinners in gratitude).


Herb Garden

What enthusiastic cook wouldn’t love their own herb garden (if they don’t already have one)? There are lots of simple kits available, or you could plant a herb garden in a tub. Then your friend/relative will be able to add the flavours of fresh herbs to their meals every day.


Herb and Spice Hamper

Some recipes call for expensive ingredients that you wouldn’t normally be able to justify purchasing. However, for a gift, such items would really be appreciated. So you could make up a mini-hamper of pricier herbs and spices that even a keen cook wouldn’t normally have in their cupboard.


Ethnic Cooking Kit

Does your friend or relative enjoy experimenting with different styles of cuisine? If you have an ethnic grocery nearby, you could put together a basket of ingredients for them to try. The stranger the better! With a few cookbooks, they could come up with all kinds of dishes … for you to try.


Cooking Workshop

There are so many cookery classes and workshops available today that food lovers are spoiled for choice. If a full set of classes is beyond your budget, then scout around for half-day workshops put on by stores. Your cooking friend will pick up lots of new tips.


Ethnic Crockery

Now, here we really are spoiled for choice. If your gift recipient likes a variety of world cuisines, then they will surely love some cookware or crockery to present it perfectly. How about a tagine for lovers of middle eastern food? Or a set of Japanese plates?



Is your friend always glued to the Cooking Channel? One idea that they may love is a DVD of their favourite TV chef. Then of course there’s always the old standby – the cookery book. Check out the bookstores and buy a beautifully presented hardback, so that the recipient can enjoy looking at the pictures as much as trying out the recipes.

Would you love a cooking-themed gift, or if you received one would you rush to the store to exchange it as fast as you could?

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