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7 Excellent Tips on How to Hard Boil Eggs ...

By Alison

How to hard boil eggs isn´t a mystery. Or is it? Everyone should know how to boil and egg, but there are actually plenty of people who really haven´t mastered the simple task. So here are some handy tips on how to hard boil eggs without ending up with egg on your face…

1 Room Temperature

The first tip on how to boil an egg is to take it out of the fridge in advance. If you put it into boiling water straight from the fridge, you´ll end up with a cracked egg. This isn´t much use when you´re trying to hard boil it! You won´t be able to slice the egg if it´s not in one piece ..

2 Timing

It´s important to time the cooking properly. If you don´t have a kitchen timer, then look at the programs on your cellphone – there should be a stopwatch or timer facility on there. A hard boiled egg should require about 7 minutes – remember, you want it cooked through but not overdone and rubbery.

3 Pan Size

When boiling eggs, don´t use a pan that´s far too big for the job. Your eggs will just rattle around, bump into each other, and end up having a tragic accident. Result: cracked shells and eggs that are no good for slicing. Use a small pan, unless you´re cooking enough eggs to feed an army.

4 Temperature

The nest step in knowing how to hard boil eggs is to have the water at the correct temperature. Don´t have the water on fast boil, but leave it simmering. Otherwise you´ll end up with nasty tough egg white, which isn´t really the desired result and not very tasty.

5 Freshness

If you´re lucky enough to have access to really fresh eggs, they may be amazingly tasty but they´re not right for boiling. The problem is that fresh eggs are hard to peel. So it´s better to use eggs that you haven´t just bought – and definitely not eggs that are fresh from the hen.

6 Rinse in Cold Water

My mother taught me this useful tip on how to hard boil eggs. Rinsing the cooked eggs in cold water served a dual purpose. Firstly, it stops them developing a green ring around the yolk. Secondly, it makes the egg a lot easier to handle in order to peel it! You can´t peel an egg that´s too hot to touch.

7 Peeling

Once you´ve let the egg cool down sufficiently, then you can start peeling it. This can be fiddly, can´t it! The trick is to tap the egg on the side of the saucepan gently, moving it round so that the shell is cracked on all sides. Then hold the egg under the cold tap, placing the saucepan underneath to catch the bits of shell.

So now you should have all the tips you need to know how to hard boil eggs! Even if you think you are a hopeless cook, you can master this culinary skill if you follow the hints given here. Are you one of those people who has been labelled as not knowing how to boil an egg?

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