Top 8 Spicy Food You Can Eat ...


Top 8 Spicy Food You Can Eat ...
Top 8 Spicy Food You Can Eat ...

There are those who simply cannot eat spicy food and then there are others who simply cannot live without spicy food. And, then there are some others who are always on the lookout for spicier and spicier foods. For those of you who want to eat the spiciest foods in the world, here is a list of top 8 spicy food you can eat.

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Tom Yum Soup from Thailand

The Tom Yum soup from Thailand is a sour and spicy soup that can be made with chicken or seafood. The spicy flavor of the soup is derived from the extremely spicy Thai chili called the Bird’s Eye Chilli. If this is a spicy food you can eat, you are certainly unique amongst Caucasians.


Shrimp Creole from America

While the ingredients of this meal are extremely simple- chicken, shrimp, tomatoes, chili and pepper, it is the fresh chili as well as the cayenne pepper that give it the spicy sting.


Papa a La Huancaina from Peru

This is a snack that is a combination of cold boiled potatoes and sauce Huancaina. It is the sauce that is extremely spicy because it contains an ingredient called the Amarillo Chile Chili. The other ingredients of the sauce are salt, condensed milk and cheese.


Radish with Pepper Sichuan from China

This sweet, spicy and crunchy salad is definitely one spicy food you can eat. It contains the same Bird’s Eye Chili that makes the Tom yum soup from Thailand spicy. But, in addition to this very spicy ingredient there are whole Sichuan peppers that make this dish extra spicy.


Bibimbap with Kimchi from Korea

Bibimbap is typical Korean fare which consists of rice, meat, eggs, stir fried veggies and sauce. It is the kimchi that makes this dish ultra spicy. Garlic, chili and ginger are fermented for months, and this makes them so hot, they practically sting.


Suicide Chicken Wings from America

Americans have always loved their chicken wings and those who like their food spicy have managed to make chicken wings so spicy, they are considered suicidal. The seasoning for this particular recipe contains Tobasco sauce, dried chili pieces as well as freshly chopped chili.


Chicken Jerk from the Caribbean Islands

This particular dish from the Caribbean Islands is rich in flavor and aroma, but is also one of the spiciest dishes in the world. The Scotch Bonnet chili is the main ingredients that lends the spiciness.


WOT from Ethiopia

This is a chicken broth that is cooked in various spices including barbere which is a combination of dried spices and dried red pepper. The meal is cooked for hours so that flavors blend in perfectly and the spiciness is enhanced.

Before you try any of the 8 spicy foods that you can eat, ensure that you are prepared for not just the burning of your tongue, but also your throat, your stomach and your intestines. Only the really brave should try out these foods. Are you one of them?

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