8 Unusual Pizza Toppings ...


8 Unusual Pizza Toppings ...
8 Unusual Pizza Toppings ...

I don’t mind trying new foods at least once. I might not like the sound of something, but I can never tell how it will actually taste until I try it out. The following 8 unusual pizza toppings might not seem too weird to some people. I think this collection contains pizza toppings that most people don’t even think about placing on their pizza, especially if they commonly resort to a standard pepperoni and cheese pizza when making a selection for dinner.

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Another name for squid is calamari, which is often served as an appetizer at restaurants. If you use the breaded squid, someone might think you’ve placed a pile of small onion rings on top of the pizza. The flavor of squid is very subtle and it could be great for a pizza with a seafood theme.



Shredded, cubed, mashed, or sliced potatoes could be used for pizza toppings. Mashed potatoes could be placed on top of a pizza that has a white sauce base instead of a tomato based sauce. Shredded potatoes could be used to make a breakfast pizza with sausage and scrambled eggs on top. I think potatoes go with pretty much anything, since they don’t have a strong flavor or odor.



I’ve seen corn used for pizzas just because the bright yellow kernels add a bit of color to the top of the pizza pie. Corn has a fun texture and most people tend to like it. The first pizza I had that included corn among the many toppings almost tasted like tacos that had been mashed up and sprinkled over the top of a pizza crust. The sauce used on the crust was taco sauce too.



I had pizza when I was in Hawaii and it had Spam on it. The chunks of spam were nicely toasted, which enhanced the flavor of the Spam. I’m normally not a huge fan of Spam, but I did like the way this pizza tasted. Toss some diced onions and pineapple chunks on top with the bits of Spam and you have yourself a Hawaiian pizza!


Roasted Cherries

You can purchase roasted cherries or make some of your own in the oven. I’ve come across a number of excellent recipes online for roasting cherries. These can be used on a pizza with pieces of roasted duck or cooked turkey that has been shredded. Add some mozzarella or farmer’s cheese and you have one tasty pie.



Not everyone likes the texture or even the taste of avocadoes, but I find they make an excellent pizza topping. I add diced avocadoes to the top of my pizza with some chunks of fresh tomatoes and cut up spinach leaves. I usually bake the crust first before adding these ingredients. It’s sort of like toasted bread with a salad on top. It’s excellent with a dollop of sour cream on top of each wedge of pizza.



The first pizza I had with eggs on top of it also had smoked salmon and it was rather tasty. Neither of these two ingredients had ever crossed my mind when I tried to think of something new to add to my pizza. I also mentioned earlier about using scrambled eggs on top of a breakfast-themed pizza pie. They are a good source of protein if you don’t want to add meat to your pizza, but still need something with a bit of protein in it.


Corned Beef

How about a pizza for St. Patrick’s Day? Corned beef and cabbage is great on a plate, so why not on top of a pizza crust. I think it could be tasty. There’s bound to be someone who already makes this type of pizza during the holidays.

Maybe this list of 8 unusual pizza toppings will give you ideas for new things to try the next time you make pizza at home. What are some unusual toppings you’ve heard people say they put on top of their pizza?

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Yeah those sure are unusual! You know what would be REALLY UNUSUAL???????? TRY chocolate pizza! YUM

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