8 Shockingly Simple Dinners ...


8 Shockingly Simple Dinners ...
8 Shockingly Simple Dinners ...

Sometimes, simple dinners are just what you are looking for. After a long working day and commute home, you don´t want to spend hours cooking. An easy dinner doesn´t have to mean a TV dinner, though. Here are some fab recipes for simple dinners that you can easily put together.

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Skillet Beef & Vegetable Stew

Skillet Beef & Vegetable Stew bettycrocker.com

It´s easy to put a simple dinner together quickly if you keep some canned ingredients ready in the cupboard. This recipe uses frozen vegetables (which are just as nutritious as fresh) and canned tomato sauce to make a beef stew. Serve with rice or mashed potatoes.


Potato, Onion & Bacon Bake

Potato, Onion & Bacon Bake allrecipes.co.uk

This could be served as a simple supper, or along with another quick recipe if you want something a little more hearty. For a veggie version, add some vegetarian sausages for example. Some tomato sauce would also be tasty.


One-Pot Salmon with Snap Peas & Rice

One-Pot Salmon with Snap Peas & Rice realsimple.com

When you can cook fresh salmon in no time at all, why eat a bought meal from the supermarket? The bonus with this one-pot dish is that you can save on washing up as well! Any leftover veggies from the day before could be added to the pot.


Chicken & Noodle Stir Fry

Chicken & Noodle Stir Fry ivillage.com

Stir fries are perfect if you´re looking for a quick and easy dinner. They take very little time to cook, and involve no complicated preparation. Mixed peppers are essential to add some colour, but you can also add other vegetables to suit your taste.


Parmesan Butter Pork Chops

Parmesan Butter Pork Chops quick-and-easy-dinner.com

When looking for a simple dinner, you want something that after a little preparation you can put in the oven to cook. Try these chops and 30 minutes after putting them in, they´ll be ready. That will give you time to make an accompaniment (an easy one, of course), or simply relax.


Toasted Pitta & Bean Salad

Toasted Pitta & Bean Salad eatingwell.com

A hearty salad makes an excellent easy dinner. Beans are filling, so you won´t feel hungry – keep a store of canned beans and you can put this salad together easily. Use whatever variety of beans you prefer – a mixture would also be tasty.


Lemon & Basil Pasta

Lemon & Basil Pasta bhg.com

Pasta dishes are another great option for a simple dinner. This recipe uses very few ingredients, so it´s quick to prepare, but the flavours are lovely. Lemon and basil go so well together. The beans add protein and make the dish more substantial.


Baked Tofu Spinach Wrap

Baked Tofu Spinach Wrap allrecipes.com

If you think you don´t like tofu, try this recipe and you might be pleasantly surprised! These wraps really couldn´t be any quicker to put together, taking just minutes to prepare and heat. Talk about fast food! And it´s much healthier for you than a burger.

If you want simple dinners, these recipes should be just what you´re looking for. It is possible to eat healthy and tasty meals without spending hours in the kitchen preparing dozens of ingredients. Another great tip is to batch cook, if you´re feeling organised, and then you have meals ready to put in the oven. What is your favourite easy dinner?

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