10 Quick Smart Foods ...


We all lead busy lives so any help around the home is always welcome. As a mother or wife, putting healthy, tasty and enjoyable food on the table can seem such a chore sometimes. To keep everybody happy it takes effort and imagination and if you also work for a living, it can be very sapping at the end of a long day. There’s no need to strive to be a domestic goddess. If you apply a little foresight when you are shopping you can have a kitchen full of items ready to turn into delicious meals in minutes. Here are 10 quick smart foods to buy to cope with any meal demand.

1. Microwaveable Rice

Ok, so purists may turn their nose up at this but who cares? We’re talking convenient, healthy and tasty. This is a quick smart food with a massive range of flavors. You’ve got an accompaniment to a main meal, the basis of a stir fry, a marvellous start for a stuffing or even just a yummy snack and it’s all ready in a couple of minutes and a ping.

Frozen Peas
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