8 Cookbooks from Iconic Female Chefs ...


Looking at television food programmes and the chefs behind many top restaurants it would be easy to believe it was a man’s game. But in recent years the rise of successful women in the kitchens of new foodie destination restaurants, and on our TV screens, means that nowadays your favourite chef or cookbook writer may well be a woman. And in fact, they’ve been there all the time. Here are 8 cookbooks from iconic female chefs – taste them and feel proud to be a woman.

1. Elizabeth David

First published in 1962, French Provincial Cooking is our favourite of Elizabeth David's fabulous series of cookbooks, inspired by her love affair with the country and its food. At the time, for a woman to leave the kitchen and experience the cuisine of another country was unusual, and her work changed the way we think about food. The recipes and the accompanying observations are full of the authentic flavours and textures of regions throughout France, such as Alsace, Provence, Brittany, and the Savoy.

Julia Child
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