7 Quick Recipes for Unexpected House Guests ...


I always try to be ready for unexpected guests, when it comes to mealtime. Not everyone has a couple of hours beforehand to think about what to make for an extra mouth or two at the table. Having teenagers, I’ve become very good at whipping up a quick snack or meal in a moments notice. It’s usually more than just one kid that makes his way over during meal time, when it comes to my boys’ friends. Here are 7 quick recipes for unexpected house guests.

7. Cheesy Tortilla Snacks

These can be made with a can of chicken or shredded turkey to make them more filling. As long as the meat is already cooked when it's added to the tortilla, you won't have to adjust the cooking time at all. Mix a can of refried beans with a cup of chunky salsa. This mix will cover up to 6 tortillas that are 8 inches in diameter. Once you spread the bean and salsa mix around on top of each tortilla, cover with another tortilla and add a little bit of salsa with cheese and toast each tortilla in a 350 degree oven for around 10 minutes. Garnish with sour cream and/or guacamole.

Butter and Herb Snack Strips
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