9 Delicious 😋 Easter 🐣 Cocktails 🍸 You Don't 🚫 Want to Miss 👌 ...


Gathering together with friends and family during the holidays gives everyone a chance to catch up on what’s been happening in each other’s lives. If you enjoy having a drink to celebrate the holidays and are looking for something with a festive feel to it, then take a look at the 7 delicious Easter cocktails listed below.

1. Easter Egg Cocktail

This cocktail has a pale blue tint to it. Combine an ounce of white crème de cacao and an ounce of blue Curaçao over ice in a short glass. Slowly pour some half-and-half on the very top. If you pour it slowly the half-and-half won’t mix together with the rest of the liquid. This last step is measured by how creamy you want the drink to be. It’s up to your taste preference!

The Happy Easter Cocktail
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