8 Sneaky Recipes for Kids Who Hate Vegetables ...

Recipes for kids who hate vegetables often have to be rather sneaky. Kids often decide that they don´t like something that they haven´t tried – or they don´t like a particular vegetable this week. So parents have to be smart when making kids´ recipes and meals.So here are some recipes for kids that will help you get those vitamin-packed veggies down them ….

1. Mini Quiches

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Kids love food that they can eat with their fingers, so these mini quiches could be a great way of sneaking vegetables past them (just be sure to chop the mushrooms up very finely!). It's also a really inventive kids' recipe, because they'll be trying something new. You could also substitute other veggies, such as onions or peppers (chop finely or liquidise the filling).

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